It's closing time at this old factory

3:00 and

Time to punch out, head for a drink

Happy hour at the bar is at five

and if I hurry I might make it in time

THe interstate is filled with cars

And the time drags by slowly

As I reach my exit and turn off

It's still only 4:15

A stop at a gas station to refill

And buy some smokes another

Line to stand in

4:45 by the time I finish

Racing to the bar only to be pulled over

And given a ticket

Do you know why I pulled you over?

Do you know how fast you were going?

Finally I get, I get there

Just in time for happy hour

but as I enter

I see it's 5 0'clock and no ones here

Not even the 'tender

I walk through the bar, as I look at all the empty tables

Cleaned and ready for a night of good ale

The bathrooms cleared, not a soul in sight

I wonder what's going on tonight

Running around inside and out

I run into this being who looked resolute

He said to me, I gave you chances not to be here tonight

The roads, the gas, the cop, three strikes

and yet you came here anyway

So I give you this one last chance to listen to me

Drinking is a dangerous game

And it will ruin your life

If you go home now you may

live in the end, survive

A chance to change that

If you stay, the drink will kill you

Think of what you have

And what that is worth to you

And the being disappeared

Still marveling at how

It was five o clock and no one was here

I walked back through the bar, and was amazed

Everybody was there, drinking beer

Bartender pouring

TV blaring

Music playing

From the jukebox some oldies

Charlie Daniel's Band

Devil Went Down to Georgia

And shaking my head, I took some stock in what

That being had said

I got back in my car, drove away

That night on the news, I heard it all

A fire had broken out at the local bar

Nobody survived

It was at 5 o clock

And no one is here

Except for me

I wasn't there