Remember when we were young?

So young, so carefree, so dumb

To think that this would last forever

What we have, had, captured

Friends for life we were, growing up

That blossomed into something more

Since we were babies, growing up

It seems like we were meant for each other

In elementary school, you were the only one

I played with at recess, and you played with me

So simple it seemed, and with good cause

We were just friends, best friends, caught up in history

In middle school we stuck together

Even when others whispered

Saying this and that against us

Even when I had no one else

You stuck by me

Hated by the world, and you

You were there to comfort me

To quench my fears

And then High School

We started seeing each other in a different light

Going to the dances after school

Homecomings and proms, Inseperable and not one fight

Could we have.

Growing up We were best of friends, then something more

Helping each other through problems, projects, and the fear

Of everything unknown, the start of a new year

And when you were accepted for college, I was not

You chose to stay with me, oh how your parents fought

So deeply in love, having grown up

Side by side, and now you lay here

On this table, surrounded by doctors

And they tell me you won't make it, and I fear

I fear for the loss of you, my crutch

But you left for me our son

Just two days old now

Leaving me with hope to go on to tomorrow

Even as you lay here and won't make it past this hour

You, my dying flower