She sits in a darkened corner

Lights off in the house

As she sits and thinks about her

Own past, the demons abound

A child still when she had a child

And 13 years later she buried him

A bond between mother and child

Is stronger than anything imagined

And it destroyed her sense of mind

Battered and beaten by a husband who

Had little sense but lots of liqeur

The scars will never fade

From the times he beat her

And she allowed it

Because she saw herself an unfit mother

For her child to be murdered

years of tragedy and grief

tears like rain, running the streets

Devoid of any real thought

Just an obsession

To be so punished

Or so she thought

And God has a plan

Everything that has happened is meant

and now it's time to move on

To forgive if not forget

To let go of hatred and anguish

To see the light of love and hope

and see the beauty of the tress in the wind

and time moves on, forgetting not

The senseless tragedies of those

Who history does not mark

But still it happens

And life goes on

She sits in a darkened corner in a little room

In a house thats hers in name and title

Wondering where her life had gone

What happened to all those years

wasted, no, not wasted, in misery and grief

For in the end she's a better person

And through the darkness rises a spirit

Of beautiful light

Reaching for god, and wanting to be

Needing to be, yearning to be, free

Angry and alone, and time will heal all

Enough for just now, to let the tears flow

One last time

Before she moves on with her life

And so she embraces the night