The Huntsman

In the forest not to far from the city of Zalee, a group of three man were hunting. Their names were John, Luke, and

Owen. John has short black hair, hazel eyes, muscular body, white skin, he wore all black, boots, pants, belt, long

sleeve shirt, hard leather vest, gloves, and a cap, he stands at six-foot, age twenty-six, specialty none, clan none.

Luke has short brown hair, blue eyes, slightly muscular body, white skin, he wore the same thing John was wearing,

he stands at five-feet nine-inches, age twenty-two, specialty none, clan none. Owen has short blonde hair, brown

eyes, slim body, white skin, he wore the same thing as the other two, he stands at five-feet seven-inches, age

eighteen, specialty none, clan squire. It was dark and a bit cold it the forest. The only light they had was the

moonlight that barely shined through the branches and leaves. They were fearfully, because of a huntsman by the

name of Wyatt. He didn't like outsiders in his forest. They treaded carefully making sure not to make a noise. Until

Owen stepped on a branch, braking it. The other two hunters look at him, with anger in their eyes. John walked up to

him and asked. "What the hell are you doing?" "What? I just broke a branch, what harm could come from that?"

Owen asked. "The huntsman that's what harm. You don't understand how many hunters have died, by his hands,"

John answered. "Maybe we should turn back, before he comes," Luke suggested. "You're right, maybe we should

turn back," John agreed. They turned around and walked back towards the city, when they heard a noise coming from

behind them. John turned around, but saw nothing. "Are you going somewhere?" someone asked. Owen looked

around, then asked. "Who...who's there?" Owen asked. The jumped out of the tree and landed on his feet. He has

short black hair, dark green eyes, muscular body, white skin, he wore brown boots, green pants, brown belt, white

short sleeve shirt, green vest, green hat with a feather in it, and a pair of brown finger-less gloves, he stands at

five-five eleven-inches, age twenty-one, specialty bow, clan huntsman. "May I ask what outsiders are doing in my

forest?" Wyatt asked. "We're hunting," Owen answered. "And who gave you permission to hunt in my forest?" Wyatt

asked. "We don't need permission to hunt here," Owen answered. "Oh really, well this is my home and no one is

allowed to hunt here, except for me," stated Wyatt. "Please sir, just let us leave in peace," John pleaded. "Why, when

you are the ones. Who are trespassing in my forest?" Wyatt questioned. "Please huntsman, let us go," Luke begged.

"Okay, I'll give you a five second head start," said Wyatt. They looked at him, thinking that he was joking. But then a

smile crept across his lips. They started running towards the city, he started counting out loud. "One, two, three, four,

five!" He started running after them, he had his bow in his left hand. With his right hand, he drew a arrow from the

quiver that was strapped to his back. He put the nock on the string of the bow and pulled it back. He looked around

and saw John running, he locked onto him. He steadied his arms, then he took in a deep breath and released the string

of the bow. The arrow flew off the string with such speed, it only took seconds for the arrow to hit John in the back

piercing his heart. He fell face first into the mushy ground. One down, two to go he thought. He ran to the left,

creeping behind the trees. He finally found Luke. he had his back against a tree, trying to catch his breath. Wyatt

moved his right hand over to his left side and drew his sword that was strapped to his belt. Without making a sound,

he sneaked up to the opposite side of the tree that Luke was at. He walked around it and decapitated Luke. Only one

left he thought. He started tracking Owen next, he found him at the edge of the forest. He quickly drew an arrow from

his quiver, he got ready to fire. He fired the arrow, but missed Owen. By the time he had another arrow ready. Owen

was already out of the forest. Wyatt dare not step out of the forest, he knew that Owen would return and that's when

he would kill him. So he went back to his wooden hut in the middle of the forest. When he entered the hut, there was

a small fire going in the fire pit, the fire put was in the in the wall left to the door. He threw his bow and quiver on

his bed, his bed was against the right wall. Straight infront of him was a small table, with two chairs to the right and

left. No one has ever gotten away from me before, I must be losing my edge he thought. He walked over to the bed,

he grabbed his bow and leaned it against the end of the bed. He sat down and took his boots off, then he laid down,

then laid down and went to sleep. When he awoke it was noon. He sat up and put his boots on. He got to his feet,

what had happen the last night still bothered him. He had never lost a hunt before in his life, why now? He shook his

head, he grabbed his bow and quiver and headed outside. I wonder if anybody else, is daring enough to enter my

forest he thought. As he was walking down one of many trails, he saw someone running at him. The person was

looking behind him as he ran, that he didn't even see Wyatt. He ran into Wyatt so hard that he knocked him over,

he fell on back and the person who had knocked him down, was on top of him. Wyatt pushed the person off him,

then he got to his feet. "Who are you?" Wyatt asked. "I'm Thomas," he answered. Thomas has medium black hair,

blue eyes, slim body, white skin, he wore black boots, dark brown pants, white short sleeve shirt, royal blue jacket,

black gloves, and a gray cap, he stands at six-feet one-inches, age twenty-five, specialty dagger, clan thief. "Thomas,

what are you doing in my forest?" he asked. "I'm being chased by a group of men," he answered. "What did you do

for them to chase you?" he asked. "I stole fifty pieces of silver," he answered. "So you're a thief?" he asked. "Yes I

am," he answered. "I don't know if I want to kill you, or let the men that are chasing kill you," he said. "Who are

you?" he asked. "You don't know who I am?" Wyatt asked. "No," he answered. "It's been a long time since, I have

met a person that didn't know me. I am the huntsman Wyatt and this is my forest, I'll kill anybody who comes into it,"

he explained. "I would like to see you try and kill me," said Thomas. "A little cocky aren't we?" he asked. "I know

how to defend myself," he stated. Wyatt drew his sword and charged Thomas, he rolled to the right and drew his

dagger. He ran up to Wyatt and cut the right side of his face, he kicked him in the gut. Forcing him to the ground,

he walked up to Thomas and put his sword to his throat. He kicked Wyatt's wrist knocking the sword out of his

hand, then he threw him up against a tree and held his dagger to his throat. He kneed him in the gut, then did a

upper-cut to his jaw forcing him back to the ground. By the time Thomas got to his feet. Wyatt already had his bow

and a arrow ready to shoot him. He released the grip on his string, the arrow flew off the string. Thomas cut the

arrow in half before the it stuck him. He went to attack Wyatt, but he said. "Wait, you're pretty good." "Thank you,"

he replied. "Follow me, no one should find you here," said Wyatt. He walked over and picked up his sword, then he

sheathed it. They walked back to his hut.