So basically this is a random poem I wrote that isn't good at all but this is what happens when boredem comes.

My heart feels like its breaking...

All these regrets are bunching up inside my stomach.

I feel like I am suffocating... I can't even breathe.

Its just theres is so much left damaged...

So many things that leave me feeling empty inside.

I cannot believe the way my life has gone so far,

I want to ask, where did it all go wrong?

But theres no such time.

Life just happened.

People just changed.

Life moved on without you,

The people who you thought cared moved on without you.

So.. sometimes saying everything will be alright... can't be justified.

Because no one knows if life will alright.

And no one knows anything about the future.

So all we can do is hold on tight,

Keep fighting the fight,

And pray that life will turn out right.