Wow. I feel kinda bad. I haven't updated this in, what, two years?


I was just reminded when I got a review and I was like, oops.

But then I was determined.

And now here, I proclaim before you all: After my final exams (ever!) I shall finish this whole story; I shall finish it all in one massive block in the summer, constantly writing and editting. Perhaps that will make me feel slightly better, and I can relax.

By the way, just so you know, I haven't actually been slacking with my writing; I actually have another account on fictionpress, which I'm writing on... but it's very different to this one, so I don't think any of you'll guess what my other username is ;)

Anyway, I hope y'all are having an absolutey marvellous year, and I'll see you in the summer :)


Rose x