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The three hungry peasants stared at their food despairingly. Their food returned the stares which was a highly unpleasant experience. Broccoli, after all, isn't supposed to have eyes.

"Perhaps it's just the mold," said one of the peasants, picking up a bent and scratched fork. In response, the other two picked up their own forks dubiously while the broccoli watched them unhappily. The little eyes followed the fork's path as it neared the green lump. With some hesitation, the peasant who had spoken proceeded to stab a piece of the staring broccoli on his fork, lifting it to his mouth. Green juice began to dribble down the fork from the pierced side of the broccoli and dripped onto the peasant's hand. Noticing it, the peasant placed the broccoli back on the plate and covered his mouth with a hand. Turning around he gagged up broccoli from the night before and continued gagging even after he had nothing left to heave up. The broccoli on the fork continued to stare at the peasants silently since it didn't have a mouth to protest with.

One of the other peasants stared at the bleeding broccoli for a moment, then reached for it. The one who had just finished gagging, stared at him in disgust.

"Can't be that bad. Mean, least its nourishment," he said unconvincingly. Shaking their heads, the other two peasants watched in disgust as he placed it in his mouth and began to chew it thoughtfully, his eyes staring straight ahead as he tried not to imagine what he was eating.

At that same moment, a blur of color passed the distraught forms. The color stopped in its tracks and ran back, wagging a bright blue tail. Magic barked where it stood, watching the silent figures before it. Giving a final woof when it got no response, it took off again, blurring the land with its speed.

Rubbing their eyes, the peasants and broccoli stared at the place where Magic had passed by in bewilderment.

"Oi," said one of the peasants overcoming his confusion and turning to stare again at the broccoli. "Oi! Look at this!" They did. Where the broccoli had once been was now a plate of creeping insects. One of the peasants grabbed a passing spider and popped it hungrily into his mouth.

"Tastes like baked salmon and green beans," he exclaimed in delight, spraying his companions with bits of spider. Greedily, the other peasants reached for the various bugs, crunching away happily on their enhanced meal.

"At least they're supposed to have eyes," said one and the others nodded in satisfied agreement while the bugs thought about moldy broccoli.