A/N: I love writing. It's that simple :)

"The Story"

By: darkdreamerx

Your memories were forced out of my head;



Perhaps even tomorrow.

It was for…

A very simple reason indeed.

The relation we had,

Was not fitting enough for your liking.

Because I could not fulfill…

All your wishes.

I am not perfect;

You made that perfectly clear.

Your memories were forced out of my head;

As I was thinking to myself,

Thinking about us

Recently, I've wondered myself,

Is it normal to feel this way…

As if I'm going completely insane?

Because subconsciously,

I like to try and befit your ideals…

Try to make myself as flawless as one could be;

What if I'm allowed another chance?

I don't agree with my decisions anymore.

To strive for perfection…

Is futile and only pitiful.

I refuse to wear your shackles around my wrists,

Bounding me to your insensitivity;

Your confinement…

It ends now.

Why should I waste another moment;

Of my timeless heartache,

With hopeless fantasies?



And perhaps even tomorrow…

Your memories will be forever erased

From my head.