This is going to be a different kind of love story. It's not going to be Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" or "A Walk to Remember," but altogether a different type of love. This is a story about two people going through life together. This is a story about dedication and loyalty. This is a story about two girls, two special girls, two best friends.

A small four-year-old girl sat in a sandbox and ran her tiny hand through the sand. She slowly looked around at the other children in her preschool playground, at the other children who were laughing and playing. But not she; she was all alone. She looked back down at the sand in her hand and crawled over to a pile of toys in the corner of the sandbox. She carefully chose a purple bucket and poured the sand into it. She finished putting sand in the bucket, and then flipped it over. The sand fell out of the bucket, forming a lopsided sandcastle. The girl smiled and patted down the lumpy part of her masterpiece. She sighed looking for something else to place on her castle.

Suddenly she heard a voice behind her. She turned to see a girl her age, maybe a year younger, standing outside the sandbox with bright pink sand pants. Her long blonde hair was tied into a messy braid.

"Hi!" the girl said excitedly. "My name's Hannah. What about you?" She stepped into the sandbox and sat down next to the girl. "I like your purple sand pants." she said seriously. "My mum made me get pink." Hannah smiled.

The girl giggled. "My name's Rebecca." She said. "My mum bought me pink sand pants too, but I made her take them back."

Hannah and Rebecca launched into a giant conversation about the waterproof sand pants their teachers made them wear in the sandbox, colours, how mother's always thought they knew what little kids wanted, and some other strange things. They were both extremely disappointed when the teacher called them in from recess. They ran into the preschool building giggling and chattering about whatever four-year-olds talk about.

Naptime was a nightmare; well, at least for the teacher. Fate put Hannah's and Rebecca's cots next to each other. They spent most of naptime whispering happily until they were separated. In the days and months that would follow there would eventually be a bookshelf barrier around Rebecca so that the two girls would not crawl over to each other's cots to talk.

They were, from that day on, friends forever. When Rebecca was moved up to kindergarten, but Hannah wasn't because her birthday was in January, Rebecca refused to participate in anything. Kindergarten was horrible without her best friend. You could only use one piece of paper per day to colour on and weren't allowed to eat as many Tater-Tots as you wanted during snack time. It was terrible, and Rebecca missed Hannah more than anything.

There was nothing better for an angry and sad five-year-old to do but to burst into tears, collapse on the floor, and pound her fists and feet on the ground. She must have done something right because the next day Hannah was moved to kindergarten, with the warning that she would have to repeat the grade no matter what. Kindergarten suddenly became a lot better.

Ever since their teacher confirmed that no, they could not dig to China from the sandbox, Hannah and Rebecca loved to play in the big toy boat in the playground. Sometimes they would have very serious talks in the boat, sometimes they would just sit and laugh, and sometimes they let their imaginations soar.

"But there must be more than one!" Hannah protested as their parents dragged them away from the boat at pick-up time. "I mean, one guy can't do everything by himself!"

"What were you two talking about?" Rebecca's father questioned as they walked over to the car.

"Oh, nothing really," the five-year-old replied shrugging. "Just God."

The years flew by; Rebecca's life took her to Israel, New York, Connecticut, and finally Arizona. But no matter what, Hannah and Rebecca kept in touch and were forever best friends.

Rebecca would sometimes come and visit, which resulted in many exciting adventures. When they were seven Rebecca's family rented a house that Hannah and Rebecca were positive was haunted. The next year, the rented house became Hogwarts, which also brought around the creation of the world's first Gryphon People. The year Rebecca was almost ten and Hannah was nine, they created the Anti-Boys Group. They got a surprising amount of members…That was also the year of Police Camp where they convinced the other children that they were twins, and when Rebecca almost drove the police boat into a bridge.

Hannah visited Rebecca in Connecticut the year they had finally realized they weren't going to be accepted into Hogwarts; they were now too old. Of course, Hannah reckoned that the owls had gotten lost, but who knows? Anyhow, they decided they were now Jedi, Hannah the Master, and Rebecca the Padawan. Wanting to make everything realistic, Rebecca was not afraid to show off her Padawan braid, although she was called a Star Wars nerd a couple too many times for her liking.

Hannah was also the first person to visit Rebecca in Arizona, but now that they were real teenagers and they were growing up, life became harder. Hannah's trip to Arizona was an emotional journey, but both the girls agreed it was worth it.

Somewhere along the line Rebecca decided she would try horseback riding and writing poetry – because Hannah did. And what do you know? Horseback riding and writing are now Rebecca's two biggest loves, besides her best friend of course.

They deal with and face new problems and hardships, such as Rebecca's dislike of moving…again, and Hannah's health problems. But every day they take a moment and think of the amazing times they've had and will have. They're already planning their college years and their trip to England, and where ever else they feel like going. Just because they live in different countries they are, and will always be the best of friends.

"There's no mountain too high, no river too wide. Sing out this song, and I'll be there by your side. Storm clouds may gather and stars may collide, but I love you until the end of time." (Come What May – "Moulin Rouge")