Night fell like a dismal blanket, matching everyone's black mood. Devlin had returned to normal, or what could be considered normal for him; Anika had caught him trying to pack as many odds and ends as he could into his closet. The thing was so full that the doors wouldn't shut; as was the small night table beside his bed.

If it wasn't nailed down, the Chameleon had it crammed into his tiny living space but it didn't seem enough. No matter how much he brought back to his room, the thought of not having something still seemed to invoke a mild sense of panic. So he prowled the mansion, looking for things he didn't have in his already extensive collection.

Anika had gone to bed just after supper, exhausted and frustrated over their day. She was upset over discovering that Devlin's hatchling wasn't within the black shell and vowed that when she woke in the morning, she'd find it. The Chameleon seemed to have given up hope but she never would; it was the way Annie was.

Sitting in the library, looking at the large book that seemed to spell doom for Frost, he could feel the desperation setting in. His fight with Spartan wasn't going very well, wasn't really much of a fight at all. The evil seemed to be more than willing to come and go, showing itself whenever it wanted, before disappearing once again. He wasn't patient enough to handle the constant waiting.

His dreams were plagued with images of Duncan, dead or dying, covered in earthen bugs that would feast at his flesh until nothing but bones remained. It was Spartan, attacking him while he slept that much he knew. And no matter how much he tried to tell himself it was a simple nightmare, they rattled him anyway. Now he didn't even try to sleep, merely sat in his library brooding about a fate that he couldn't escape.


His beautiful bride would be left with nobody but a crazed Chameleon who seemed more useful at packing things away than protecting anyone; the man couldn't even protect himself from getting his offspring abducted.

That wasn't really fair of him, to label Devlin like that. How could he have known that Arachna would attack him and not Anika? Anika was the one he was sworn to protect, not himself. According to the contract signed, he was to sacrifice himself for Annie; risk life and limb to ensure her safety. A noble thing to do, but odds were that he had been forced into it by Ozwald to honour the bonds of yet another contract.

Frost shifted in his chair, letting out a heavy sigh as the books whirled about the room feverishly; doing whatever it was they enjoyed so much. Hair loose from the low ponytail he usually kept it in, it fanned around his narrow face and made his eyes that much more extraordinary; they lit like the ocean under the sun.

"Your wife is going to die."

His head snapped up and he looked around the room, eyes wide. He hadn't fallen asleep, so this was something new; something he didn't want.

"Get out of my home unless you've come to face me in person." He snarled, thick ice forming on the desk where his hands were resting. "Only a coward would hide in the darkness of sleep and shadow."

"Would you like to know how your wife is going to die? She'll die trying to save that Chameleon's child, because even as we speak I'm telling her where it is. I'll imprint in her mind that she can get the child back and she'll face Arachna alone, without your help or the help of that creature. Then, alone, in the Charles Tower, your beautiful wife will fall."

"Shut up!" shouted Frost angrily, jumping to his feet. Snow began to swirl about the room and ice form a thick coating on everything. The voice seemed to come from everywhere, penetrating his ears like a knife burying in his skull. "Leave Anika alone!"

"Oh, how much you care for her. Perhaps I will let her live? A life in servitude to me is better than no life at all, isn't it? Maybe I'll go visit her now and see if she can resist my power."

He broke for the library doors, slipping on the ice that was swallowing the room and the rest of the house. He had to get to Anika before Spartan could.

"Devlin! For the love of God, Devlin!"

Slipping and running into the doorframe of his room, he glanced into the darkness to spot Devlin sitting on the edge of his bed with lantern in hand. Anika was sitting up, sipping tea with him while he spoke softly to her; she appeared to be still asleep.

"Devlin?" choked Frost, gathering himself away from the door so he could go inside.

The Chameleon looked up and gave him a tight smile.

"I'm sorry that I woke her, Lord Avery, but I found that my feelings can be as tender as anyone else's from time to time and needed someone to speak with."

Annie gave him a frown; she was awake.

"It's okay, Frost, if Devlin needs to talk."

Swallowing down the bile he felt rising, evidence of the relief he felt, he gave her a small smile.

"I'm not upset that he woke you, it's just that I was already up and he could've spoken to me."

The look she gave him made him want to laugh; it was so filled with exasperation.

"Honestly. Sometimes you need to talk to a woman because we're softer and understand better than a man would, understand?"

He nodded.

"Of course. Well, I'm going to head back to the study then, if you need anything."

Devlin stood and gave Annie a warm smile.

"Thank you for listening, but now I find myself in need of some manly advice. You look ready to go back to bed."

She nodded and set her tea cup aside.

"I am extremely tired. Good night, gentlemen."

Both men filed out of the room and shut the door. Frost fixed Devlin with a curious stare.

"How did you know?"

"I felt him long before he started speaking to you." Replied the assassin, looking much younger than anyone in his profession ever should. "I knew that he was no threat to you but Lady Avery would be vulnerable. The tea I gave her should protect her and she should have a cup every night before bed."

Frost watched as he turned and started towards his room, steps slow and graceful on the tile. His bare feet muffled any sound and it was like watching a ghost move; soundless.


The man turned around and looked at him through brown eyes filled with sadness.


"Could you accompany me to the library for a while? I'd like to talk to you."

He watched as the young man thought about his request for a moment, his emotions written on his face like the writing of a book.

"Of course." He finally said, coming back.

Frost stopped him.

"Devlin, that wasn't an order. If you don't want to come with me, then say you don't."

His shoulders lifted in a soft shrug.

"I wasn't going to sleep anyway."

Taking Devlin and seating him in a thick chair in the library, Frost resumed his seat behind the desk. The books seemed to sense the danger was gone and came out of their hiding places amongst the shelves to flurry about the room.

"Have you thought of any ways to defeat Spartan?"

Devlin shook his head slowly.


"I thought Chameleon's were supposed to be masters when it came to studying an enemy?"

The young man sensed the sarcasm in Frost's tone and it showed on his face. His eyes took on a hard glare and the corners of his mouth hardened.

"We have no enemies, so it must be true."

"Then how come you can't—"

"I'm not an idiot."

Frost's eyebrows went up in surprise. Devlin truly was a Chameleon. One moment, he was powerful and deadly, the next laughing and gentle; this Devlin was insecure and upset.

"I didn't say you were."

"But you were thinking it, just like Ozwald used to think it. I'm not stupid and I'm quite capable of protecting Lady Avery."

He sat forward, fixing the young man with a serious look.

"I'm sure you are. Can I ask you something?" Brown eyes met his, different from the usual green. "Why is your room full of…junk?"

The assassin began to shift uncomfortably, like he was being poked in the back with a hot poker.

"I can't—it's hard to…"

"How about you try to explain it to me?"

"If I could, I would."

And that was that. Frost sighed heavily and leant back in his chair, looking Devlin over slowly. If the man didn't know why he did it, then how could he explain? They'd have to figure out how to stop the unusual behaviour before everything that wasn't nailed down ended up in that little bedroom. Simply add it to an already impossible list of things to do.

"That's okay, I'm sure we'll figure it out."

"I know Arachna took it."

Frost's eyebrows rose yet again in surprise.


"Who else? Spartan stole my hatchling and he wouldn't come here himself; it had to have been her."

Now they were getting to the root of his problem.

"Are you upset because you thought I didn't tell you because Arachna would defeat you? Because that's not why I did it."

He shook his head, black hair bouncing.

"No, I merely came here to apologize."

"For what?"

His eyes came up to meet Frost's and the look in them was as cold as it had been earlier that morning.

"Because I'm going to break our contract and defy an order. I'm going to the Charles tonight and I'm going to find her."

"Spartan will—"

"I'm not scared of Spartan and as maniacal as he is, I doubt that he'll care if I come for her."

"And if he does?"

Devlin stood slowly. All the evidence of the upset young man that had been there moments before was gone. In its place was the darker Devlin, the one who could kill at the drop of a hat and feared nothing.

"Then let him come."

--- --- --- --- ---

Anika sat up for no apparent reason; something similar to what had happened when Devlin had been attacked. The acute feeling of déjà vu hit her so strongly that she wanted to vomit, but instead choked it back down as she stood up. Her eyes fell to the empty spot in the bed beside her; Frost hadn't come to bed yet.

The morning sun was just peeking over the horizon and the house was incredibly quiet, with the exception of Dibble's gentle snoring from a pillow in the corner. Something was terribly wrong and she needed to figure out what it was.

Moving out into the hallway, she peered into the library and found Frost asleep in his large chair. He appeared peaceful and not in any evident danger, so she continued down the hall towards Devlin's room. The door was shut, a little note pinned to it.

Tearing it down, she read it softly to herself.

"I'm sorry, Lady Avery, but I must go back to the Charles and destroy Arachna for what she's done to me. In doing so, I will betray the rules of the blood contract signed with your husband and most likely be killed instantly. Devlin." She paused to find the post-script at the bottom of the page. "If you need anything, check my drawers."

She crumpled the note and raced downstairs to find the carriage.

"Check his drawers." She muttered, shaking her head as she ran. "As if you could find anything in those drawers. He's the only one who could find anything in there."

It was true. Out of all the objects collected in the tiny room, Devlin knew exactly where everything was. Anika had been in there earlier this evening looking for her hairbrush, he'd pulled it out without needing to look. The same had also been so for Frost's feline paperweight. Devlin had pulled it out of the back of the closet, where it had been sleeping peacefully.

Slipping out the front door, it never occurred to her to tell Frost or wake him. Climbing into the carriage, she cast a glance up at the dark windows of the mansion and hoped that she wasn't doing something incredibly foolish.

Incredibly foolish.

--- --- --- --- ---

Arachna wandered around the narrow halls of the Charles, unable to sleep. Her place of solitude in the tower was not where the public all believed her to live. To the normals that walked the streets, she lived in the Grand Suite of the hotel and that was where she left her normal life behind. Anything that told of a more mysterious side was kept high above the city in the tower, for her eyes only.

But on this night, she'd brought the jar with the tiny life to her suite; scared to leave it out of sight for more than a few moments at a time. It was a foolish thing to do because by now the egg would have hatched, exposing the impostor left in the child's place. The odds told her that the Chameleon would soon come looking for his lost offspring.

Craw had been helpful today and it had been a wise decision many years ago to send the spy to Ozwald's shop. She'd have never been able to keep tabs on Frost if she hadn't. If Frost ever discovered the treachery, he'd fry the bird like a frozen chicken, but as long as Craw was stealthy nothing would ever come of it. There was nothing that could be tied back to her.

Turning the corner, she frowned slightly when she spotted that the door to her suite was slightly ajar; having distinctly remembered closing it. Perhaps the maid had come and left it open? Or maybe the master was inside, wanting to praise her for returning the egg and helping with his plan.

Hurrying inside, her brown eyes alight with joy, she tossed her flowing amber robe aside and spun in a quick circle as she looked for her visitor. It took a moment too long for her to realize that the jar on the table was smashed and the child missing; a moment too long to recognize that the master hadn't come to visit her suite; a moment she didn't have.

Mouth falling into an 'o' and eyes widening, she took a stunned step back and ran into something solid. Shaking violently, she turned her head and spotted the black shadow of the Chameleon pressed against her. A small lamp in the room came to life, making his expression seem extreme as it lit the contours of his face.

"Where is it?" he snarled, clawed hands coming up to close around her delicate neck and spin her around to face him.

"What?" she choked, air barely making it through his grasp. "What are you talking about?"

"My hatchling!" he roared, mouth opening incredibly wide and showing off three rows of teeth. It seemed like a minor effort would put her head directly and entirely inside his mouth; the roar shook the building.

"Fool!" she cried, a new fear bubbling up. "They'll hear you and the authorities will come for us."

"They can come all they like!" he shouted, his voice not that of Devlin's but something wilder and gruff; something on the edge and ready to leap. "They won't catch me and if you don't answer my question now, all they'll find of you is a few bones and strands of hair!"

She fell apart in his hands, turned to nothing but jelly at the sight of a more powerful being. Tears burst free like an unstoppable waterfall and her face contorted violently.

"It was here, I swear, it was safe. Someone must have taken it; please, show mercy."

"Mercy?" growled Devlin, shoving her away from him. "You attack me and steal what is mine, and then expect mercy?" he changed before her eyes, becoming the handsome man that could charm and cajole, yet was still deadly.

Smiling cruelly as she cowered against the floor, he pulled the wickedly curved knife from his belt and began playing with it. The light caught the razor sharp edge and danced along it mockingly.

"There will be no mercy for you, in this life or the next."

Anika was running up the stairs when she heard the roar and quickly changed course to follow it; praying under her breath that she wouldn't be too late to stop him. Feet pounding on the floor as she ran with her skirt hiked, people stuck their heads out of their rooms curiously.

"A wild dog has gotten inside the hotel!" she lied. "Please, stay in your rooms!"

They all gasped and muttered to themselves but quickly did as she said; nobody wanted to run into a dog that could make such noise.

On the top floor, she found the suite with the door open and skidded to a stop inside. Devlin was standing over Arachna, knife in hand, and she was lying on the floor. The woman wasn't moving at all and her hopes that she'd make it in time dropped to her feet.

"Oh, Devlin." She groaned, tears flooding her brown eyes. "What have you done?"

He straightened and frowned at her.

"Me? What have I done? I haven't done anything!"

She choked back a sob.

"You killed her, that's something."

His mouth fell open and he looked at the knife in his hand.

"Killed her? No I did not; she fainted!"

Those hopes returned, bringing a wave of euphoria with them.

"She's not dead?"

The assassin shook his head.

"No, she's not dead but now my hatchling is. They were keeping it in that jar and now it's gone."

Anika frowned and looked down at the fainted woman.

"I guess that only leaves one solution, doesn't it."

Devlin perked up immediately.

"I get to kill her?"

Rolling her eyes, Anika shut the door to the suit and began looking for something to tie the sorceress with.

"No, Devlin, no killing. We'll just have to be sure she tells us where it is."

A deadly smirk pulled at his lips and he sheathed the knife in a graceful motion.

"Torture? I can do torture."

Devlin threw the still unconscious woman over his shoulder and started to climb out the window, intending to take her all the way to the ground using only the small cracks in the stone walls. It was too daunting for Anika, and even though he offered to come back and get her once the sorceress was secure, she took the stairs.

Half way to the main floor, tiptoeing so nobody would be alerted by noise, the powerful smell of smoke began to fill the stairwell. The fire bell began to ring seconds later and chaos erupted in the Charles. Doors flew open and the sudden burst of air fed the snarling inferno that seemed to be coming up from below and down from above.

The people filling the smoky stairs started to scream and run with panic while Anika tried to keep them calm and find a way out around the thick smoke and intense heat. Her efforts were made all the more strenuous by the waves of people running to try and save themselves. Women screamed, children wailed loudly, and the men became wild beasts trampling each other.

She tried to move free of the traffic and get to the outside where it was safe but was knocked roughly to the ground and stepped over; making it impossible to get up. Someone else had fallen and was pinning her skirt as she struggled to stand. Under the smoke, in the small gap of clean air just above the floor, she spotted a small child cowering in the corner with tears running down its face.

The little boy had a soot covered face and nobody was with him; he'd been abandoned in the stairwell.

"Don't move!" she shouted, finally tugging her skirt free and crawling towards him. He looked at her with watery blue eyes filled with tears, streaking and smudging through the soot. "I'm coming."


Her head shot up and she looked tried to look through the smoke.

"Devlin! I'm in the stairwell!"

"Where? I can't see anything!"

"Somewhere by the second floor!"

It got deafeningly quiet and it seemed that not even the flames wanted to make any sound. She didn't notice it as she finally reached the small boy and tugged him into her chest, holding him tightly while they struggled to inhale the clean air beneath the smoke.

"It'll be okay." She cooed, coughing heavily. "Devlin is coming, he'll save us."

The little boy began to cry loudly, his wails filling her ears and he started to thrash; trying to escape her grip. Incredibly strong for his young age; he didn't even appear able to walk yet.

"Shush, its okay—"

The smoke in front of them began to change, growing thicker and textured; turning into something from a nightmare.

Her eyes widened with shock and she gripped the child a little tighter, trying to protect its struggling form from the monster.


The man smiled tightly, showing off the sickly teeth and his red eyes fixated on her.

"Lady Avery, it is a pleasure to finally meet you in person." He paused to look around casually as the flames leapt from the floor below to lick at his clothing. "But I'm afraid this isn't the time for proper introductions."

"You started the fire."

His thin lips twitched slightly.

"Now why would I do that?"

She paused to frown.

"To separate me from Devlin?"

He smiled again, a smile filled with pure joy.

"You are a smart woman and very brave. How useful you'll prove yourself to be in due time."

He was going to take her and she had little choice in the circumstances she was in; she'd die if she stayed in that stairwell. Her only concern was the little boy who had to be saved from the monster.

"If you spare the boy from the fire, I'll do whatever you want." She finally said, her mouth set firmly as she looked up at Spartan. "He's only a child."

The smile never faltered as he nodded.

"If you are a woman of honour, then your request will be granted."

"I am."

He spread his arms wide and everything began to blur and pitch around them, the walls becoming the floor and the smoke mixing with flame.

"Good, because if there is one thing I cannot tolerate in an enemy it's dishonesty."

The absurd statement would have had Anika laughing, but she didn't get a chance to say it when everything turned black and she passed out.

--- --- --- --- ---

The Charles lay in crumbles on the cobblestone street as city officials looked it over with saddened expressions and muttered sympathies to one another. And even though they were looking directly at the wreckage, none of them spotted Devlin as he moved through the black remains.

He found where the stairwell had been and began moving gingerly through the pieces that still stood, watching his footing and moving like a ghost in the bright morning sunshine. It had been his fault that she'd come to this damned place and now he couldn't return home without her; dead or alive. Frost would kill him either way, but at least he'd also have the sorceress Arachna as well.

That thought made him pause mid-step; maybe he'd wait to kill him until after they'd tortured her for information? It wouldn't make any sense to kill him before, he was a master at torture after all and his skills would come in handy.

Focus, he told himself as he moved on. This isn't the time to get sidetracked.

Coming to the second floor platform, he found a spot that the flame or smoke hadn't damaged at all and it drew his attention. A scrap of Anika's nightgown lay burnt crisply not far from the undamaged spot, but not enough to be considered the entire skirt; she hadn't perished there.

Getting down on his hands and knees, he crept towards the spot like a cat stalked its prey. His steps soft and gentle like it would move if it heard any noise. It wasn't so much for the spot that he moved this way, it was merely to hide his presence from the people looking up at the destroyed hotel; he could already see what he knew was there.

A soft glow, only visible to him, sat against the unmarred wall and was steadily blowing away in the wind. It was Anika, there were no doubts in his mind, she had been there and alive. But the glow in front of hers caught his attention and held it while he stared.

It was Spartan; the monster had been there and had absconded with Anika.

Standing slowly, he forgot all about the onlookers and ignored their shouts of alarm. It must have been strange for them to see a man pop from the wreckage unmarred but that didn't matter to him now. There was only one thing running through his mind and blocking out all the others.

Spartan has Anika.

--- --- --- --- ---

Devlin escaped the onlookers and made his way to the carriage. The sorceress was still unconscious as the coach whirred its way through the streets and back to Avery Mansion. When it finally pulled through the cast iron gates and the house loomed tall above them, Arachna finally woke.

Her eyes fluttered open and looked up at Devlin where he sat on the cushioned bench seat. They widened and she started to thrash, trying to free her hands from the torn sheets Anika had tied her with. A colourful scarf had her gagged and he reached out, plucking it free with a finger.

"Might as well remove that." He said softly, a smirk pulling at his lips. "Nobody can hear you scream out here."

Her eyes narrowed angrily and lips twist with a sneer.

"Filthy creature, I won't need my hands to bring the world crashing down around you."

This time he laughed, loudly, as the carriage came to a stop outside the door of the house.

"Which is why I took precautions against that and as you can see, I'm not worried."

The door flew open and Frost was standing there, looking like the devil as he glared at the Chameleon. Hair blowing wildly around his face and eyes glinting angrily.

"What is going on here and where is Anika?"

Devlin climbed out and grabbed Arachna by the ankle, dragging her forward to throw over his shoulder and pack her inside the house.

"I'll explain everything, just watch for the guard."

He spotted Arachna and a hand flew to his forehead as he looked down the twisting driveway towards the street, watching for the authorities.

"What is going on? Why have you kidnapped her?"

The assassin threw the bound woman over his shoulder and turned to look at Frost seriously.

"I made a mistake and now, we've got a very big problem."

Frost's eyes narrowed again.

"How big?"

"You might kill me and let ravens feast on my flesh."

Arachna started to laugh loudly from her position, strewn over Devlin's shoulder.

"The master has her! The master has taken your lovely wife!"

Devlin jostled her for silence, but Frost had heard already. The look on his face was filled with defeat and it took every ounce of control the Chameleon had not to kill Arachna on the spot.

"Is it true?" asked Frost seriously. "Does Spartan have Annie?"

He sighed heavily.

"She followed me to the Charles and Spartan was waiting. The tea she drank last night will keep her safe for two days, but once it wears off…we have two days to find her and I'll get her back."

"The master is all powerful!" wailed Arachna, not keeping silent. "No amount of magic potion will keep her safe from his—"

She was cut off as the gag came back up and tightened around her head. Frost shook his head and started towards the front door.

"We have two days, let's not waste it."

Devlin followed closely, eyes hooded with a frown as his eyebrows fell low over his eyes.

"So you're not terribly mad at me for allowing this to happen?"

Frost opened the front door and held it for him, eyes hard and slanted with anger.

"I'm furious with you, Devlin. I'm so mad that I don't know what to say, but voicing my anger now will do nothing to get Annie back."

The Chameleon smiled widely and stepped past him into the house.

"Well, at least you're going to be sane about this. I thought you were going to kill me."

He stepped inside and the door shut with a heavy thud, echoing through the quiet house.

"The day is still young, Devlin, the day is still young."

--- --- --- --- ---

Anika felt the cold stone pressing against her cheek as she slowly began to wake up. Awareness crept around her in small waves; the stone floor, the damp smell, and the sound of dripping water. Wherever she was, she wasn't still in the Charles Hotel.

Opening her eyes a crack at a time, her surroundings became clear. It appeared to be an old cell, like in a prison, with a stone floor and rusted iron bars sealing her in. Thick moss grew on the cave-like walls and in one corner water trickled slowly down the stone. She still smelt incredibly like smoke and fire, but she was otherwise untouched by the fire.

Sitting up she realized that the nightgown she'd been wearing when she'd rushed off to find Devlin had been replaced with a thin silk one. Baby blue in color and very expensive, but useless in fighting off the damp cold that was creeping into her bones. Her skin was cold and clammy; the hairs on her arms standing on end and goose bumps spiralling down them.

"I see you're awake."

Jerking her head up, she found who had spoke standing on the opposite side of those iron bars. A monster with sickly grey skin, brilliant red hair and eyes, and so thin that he appeared skeletal. Clothed finely in robes that she'd never seen before, he looked oddly regal standing in the mouth of her prison and like the ghoul from a nightmare.

"I took the liberty of giving you something finer to wear." He stated softly, stepping forward and coming through the bars as if they didn't exist. "And when you're ready, I will give you food as well."

Her look was suspicious as she got to her feet to glare at him.

"Where is the boy?"

Spartan chuckled and tented his gnarled fingers before his mouth in a thoughtful pose. Those demon-red eyes roamed over her for a moment, making her feel violated.

"The boy is safe; here, as a matter of fact." He pointed to the corner where the boy was lying, sleeping peacefully curled in the corner; he meshed so well with the surroundings that she'd missed him.

"This was not part of the bargain."

His eyes widened in surprise.

"What do you mean? The boy is safe from the fire; is that not what you wanted?"

She frowned.

"I meant back with his family and not here. Not with you."

He pointed a twisted finger with a long nail at her, eyes narrowing in irritation.

"That's not what you said and not part of our agreement. You stated you wanted the boy safe from the fire and that is exactly what I've done." He turned to leave the cell. "Next time, be more specific with what you want!"

"Wait!" she called, taking a few steps forward. He turned around and looked at her through the bars of the prison. "Can't you send him back? Send him back to his family?"

He smiled, almost sympathetically but not really; it was malicious and dark.

"Why would I do that? He's here, which suits me fine, and you're here as well. What point would it be to have Frost at my beck and call and not his Chameleon? Because once he finds out that the child is here, he will do nothing to jeopardize its safety."

Annie's mouth fell open.

"That is Devlin's hatchling? Alive?"

Spartan chuckled softly.

"What kind of master would I be, if I couldn't keep the tiny child alive outside its shell? And for right now, you may be immune to the power I exude but the boy is not. Within a few days, you will both be unable to resist me and then Frost will fall."

She sneered at him.

"I will never help you."

Smiling widely, his sharp teeth caught a light somewhere outside the prison cell.

"You will bow, as all others before you have and when you do, then the Nautical Pendant will be mine once again."


Author Babble:

Well, that's what I got so far. I know it has been a terribly long time but I've been pretty busy with work and such so my time is limited to do this stuff. Good thing I've got a long weekend to work with, hey? Anyways, Spartan will be around a lot more and so will Arachna from now on. I'm hoping to dig a little deeper into their characters but it's a process that I'm moving very slowly at. Anyways, review and let me know how you think it's going!