Saying "Sorry"

Chapter one

As I walked into the Barnes & Nobles my heart was all the way down by my feet. But it only got worse as when I saw it. My name, written on the silver cover, in black blocky letters. "Saying 'Goodbye'" By Maggie Glass. I felt as though I was going to be sick. My head began to swim as I picked it up and held it in my hands. It was as though the book weighted a ton. Quickly I put it down and walked out of the store.

The hot summer air hit me full in the face. It made my head spin slightly. The cool air that had been in the

The book had been published, just as I was told it would be. I had gotten three or four boxes full of them, but only when I saw a copy on shelves of Barnes & Nobles did it really hit me what I had done. But there was nothing I could do about it now. Damage done…so would someone shoot me?

I shook my head and looked down at my watch. Almost 12:30, and I had to meet my friends at Morning Dews for coffee at 1:00. Once I had climbed into my car I almost felt like driving it off the side of the road. But I didn't. Instead I cranked up my radio and drove toward Down Town. The music and driving helped calm down my frayed nerves. After everything that had happened all I wanted to do was relax and try not to kill someone. I couldn't even begin to imagine was would be laying in wait for me once I got home…once I got home. If I got home that should be. She was most likely already plotting the way she was going to kill me. Lets see what would it be…torture, running my car off the side of the road, poison…no not painful enough. But whatever she chose I knew it was going to hurt. A lot.

I stopped short looking up to see that my light had changed to red.

Stop it! I told myself. She's most likely just going to give you the silent treatment. But right now your main concern should be getting to Morning Dews without crashing. Now drive and listen to your music. And like I had done so many other times, I listened to myself. What happened after I got home was going to have to wait. For now I focused on being with my friends, and having a good time.

I parked my car and got out. I took a deep breath, letting the smells that came out of Morning Dew relax me, as it always does. I pulled out my letter man bag and walked opened the front door.

"Hello! Are you blind! We got a table by the door so that you could see us when you came in moron! We've got your tea sit down and talk." Tiffany smiled holding up a paper cup and waving it at me like a master holding up a treat for a pet. I smirked and pulled out a chair, snatched my tea from her, and began to sip it.

"Well hello to you too Tiff. Sup Ray, Cally." I waved to each of my friends in turn. Ray was short Raymond…my boyfriend. He stood up and moved over to sit down beside of me, lightly brushing my hip as he sat down. Cally was a shy little thing I had known for about all of my life. She smiled and waved then went back to her book and drinking her coffee. Most people would have been offended had they seen her reading while they were talking. But from all of those years knowing her, I knew that she was reading and listening. How she did it I'll never know. Cally kept her hair short-short during the school year, but let it grow out some during the summer. Although she didn't talk so much around most people her eyes told you what she was feeling and when.

Tiffany had been my best friend forever as well and she was always lively. She talked with her hands often, as I did as well and had eyes that looked as though they had a story to tell themselves. She had short brown hair, which she kept layer (God only knows why) and greenish brown eyes. Her nails were short, for playing the violin, and her lips were shimmering with a new kind of lip gloss she had on.

Together we had been a menace all during elementary school on through middle. However because of a few people and teachers…I moved to another school for 8th grade. But here we were again, together and as bad as ever, for high school.

Raymond was an all around hottie. He had short black hair that he thought looked better spiked. He wore a tattered jacket, with jeans that didn't look any better, and a shirt that said "Music slut". He mixed his colon so you never really knew what he was wearing, but it smelled great. At first Tiffany had a duck when she heard I was going out with Ray, but then she started to warm up to him. Cally just said for me to be careful, but I could tell she still didn't trust him. We had first met at a skate park. A friend of mine, Stacy, was a complete skating junky. She did it whenever she got the chance. One day she had been able to drag me along with her. Ray was working/skating there and it just seemed to click. He came over to give us out drinks and he stepped on my toe. Normally that wouldn't have hurt to badly, the only problem was he wore steel toed shoes during his working hours to keep from getting his toes crushed. So it hurt reallllly badly. Ray picked me up and carried me over to his office and helped me bandage and ice my foot. After that we started dating. It was really cool at first. He taught me how to skate board and I thought everything was fine. But then it started. Ray's got the looks to get any girl he wants. So I started to notice him flirting. I dismissed it at first as just me being jealous but then I finally came to see it for real. The thing was it made me more angry at him than the girl he was flirting with. However when I tried to talk to him about it he just brushed it off or got angry with me. Slowly I had begun to think up a gentle way of breaking up with him.

"So…what took you so long getting here?" Ray asked putting his arm around my chair. I began to feel closed it…and I didn't like it. So I took off my leather jacket and put it over the back of my chair…and his arm. He got the message and removed his arm. I smiled inside. Good. I thought.

"I was at the book store." I replied. I glanced at Tiffany who was giving me an odd look. I knew why. I hadn't told her of my plan to dump Raymond and she was wondering why I was being so cold toward him, as in not letting him put an arm around my chair. I pretended not to see it and smiled. " I've read all the books you've given me Tiff and I wanted to see if any new stuff was out."

Tiffany nodded her look going away. I heaved a sigh inside. Well I've just bitten one bullet. I thought. I looked over at Cally. Her eyes had just gotten slightly bigger. They were on the door. I looked over my shoulder and was close to swallowing my tongue.

There she was. My main reason for leaving Grayson, my old middle school. Crystal. The demon herself.

Crystal was the type of girl every other girl wanted to be like, or be friends with, she had looks, she was blond and skinny and all around beautiful (not to mention she could get any boy that she set her eyes on, no matter the age or if he already had a girlfriend), I was in that group back at Grayson. Crystal was new to the school and she didn't know anyone else. She had been going out with a guy, but he dumped her soon after the year began. I felt sorry for here, you could say. So I started talking to her in my math class. Things just kinda spiraled from there. The only thing was, that as soon as she became friends with the people around me…my life turned into another living hell. She started spreading lies about me to my friends and they started to turn their backs on me. Tiffany even almost ditched me, but I had a long talk with her so things were still cool between us. The problem was that even though most people couldn't stay here (me being the leader of this fan club) they stayed her friend. Mostly because they were scared of her and didn't want to be in her bad graces. After awhile I stopped being her friend. Things only got worse. This pretty much made me solo when it came to Crystal. The stuff that people said about me and they way that they treated me after I feel from Crystals good graces only made the feelings people had about NOT being her friend stronger. So I was having problems at home and at school. My stomach was turning itself into knots and I felt like I was loosing my mind. After that year, I promised myself I would never deal with her, or Grayson, again. But Winston isn't a small enough city to hide from her forever.

I looked at Tiffany, she had seen her too. Tiffany's face had just gotten a few shades lighter. As I'm sure my had, which would mean I looked like a ghost. I coughed and nodded toward the bathroom. My friends got the hint and we all stood up quickly.

"Ray-Ray," Tiffany said. "We'll be right back." We made a dash for the bathroom as soon as Crystal's back was turned.

I slammed a few stall doors growling under my breath. "What in the Big Guy's name is SHE doing here!" I nearly screamed. My nerves were about to light on fire. I was going to hurt something, and my friends knew it. Cally was at my side trying to calm me down while Tiffany stood guard at the door.

"She never comes here. She thinks it 'Lowly'. When I would try to bring her here she would tell me to drive toward 'Star Bucks'". I was yelling mimicking Crystals high voice.

"Maggie!" Cally shouted over me. I stopped in mid-slamming of one of the doors. Cally never yelled, but when she did I listened. "Maggie, she's most likely here to get to you. Either that or…"

"CALLY!" Tiffany hissed her eyes wide.

My own eyes narrowed. "What? You guys know it makes me even more mad to be left in the dark about the demon!"

Cally lowered her eyes. "We saw her at the movies the other night, you weren't feeling so good." I remembered it clearly…God did I remember that night. Tiffany finished for her. "We saw her with Raymond."

I felt my world go white, everything seemed to go a pasty white. I looked from Tiffany to Cally hoping that it was all a sick joke to try and get me to lighten up. But all I saw were grim faces. I clinched my hand into a tight ball. Turning to one of the walls I pulled back and punched. The pain shooting up my arm caused me to enter my right mind again.

"MAGGIE!" Tiffany and Cally said at the same time. They came over in a hurry and looked over my hand. I had a few cuts on my knuckles and a little blood around the wounds, nothing looked broken but really I could have cared less. I shouldered past them and went outside. The world had gone back into it's normal color and then I saw them. Crystal and Raymond sitting at out table laughing and talking. No not talking, flirting. Tiffany and Cally were behind me in a record time.

"Maggie," Cally was holding my quickly swelling hand. "Don't do anything stupid please…please." She sounded like she was going to cry.

"Mags, maybe we should just leave…" But Tiffany knew me, and knew that I wouldn't. Not yet.

"I'm okay. I'll be fine." I headed toward them. The world seemed to go very silent. All I could hear was the muted thump on my shoes on the floor. Before I reached them I could tell Crystal had seen me. She turned and gave me a cruel smile. Ray face turned from white to a different shade. Something between green and white.

"Well, well. Look who we have here. The little novelist." Crystals voice was like nails on a chalk board. I smiled, gritting my teeth.

"Well if it isn't the whore. What? Your other boyfriend left you so you have to try and snag mine? I knew you were low, but I really didn't think you could get as low as hell yet." I answered her with a clam voice. Ray had seen my hand and was trying to busy himself with fixing it. I pulled away from him quickly, making him flinch. Crystal saw my hand by then and narrowed her eyes.

"Don't get your STD blood on me! I'm clean." She stood up and grabbed her purse. The only thing was, I was blocking her was out. She would have to push past me to get to the door. Crystal knew it as well as I did. I just smiled.

"Really? You're 'clean'? But with all of the bastards you've slept with I'd have thought you had gotten it long ago, isn't that why this latest one left you?" I was hitting her in all the right places. I knew that she was clean, but I also knew her secret. She knew mine, but then again most people did.

"I've got to go." Crystal said with a fanged smile. I reached behind her and grabbed my, now cold, tea. I smirked.

"Oh but aren't we having fun?" I stepped aside and let her through. She walked slowly past me. Just then Cally came through with a large iced coffee. Cally looked at me just as she ran straight into Crystal, dumping all of her coffee on her.

"OH GOD!" Crystal screamed as it ran down her white shirt, revealing her pink underwear. Cally, looking very flustered, started to apologies as she tried to clean her up. Tiffany came onto the act with a few more paper towels, however despite their efforts the coffee only got spread around.

"I'M OUT OF HERE!" Crystal screeched and ran for the door trailing paper towels after her. Ray looked at me and said "I'll call you." Before rushing out as well.

I began helping Cally and Tiffany pick up the towels and clean up the rest of the mess. By this time we had a good number of people watching. Cally was blushing deeply, I was laughing, and Tiffany was giggling.

"It really was on accident…I didn't mean to bump into her." Cally was muttering. Tiffany winked at me. "She really didn't mean to, but I figured I would help. The only problem was she was flailing around so much that I couldn't…it was kinda funny though." Tiffany said as I nodded happily.

"That we extremely cool, thank you guys. Even if you didn't mean to do it." I said as we finished.

I was feeling really good but as I headed for the door I would meet someone very unexpected.