Youv'e been my best friend for two long years

But, I'll never know you and I've never known you

It's wierd the illusion that a friendship can be

To think I thought a STRANGER was my best friend for the last two years

You'll never know me and youv'e never known me

If you had known me then maybe you would have known all those times I cried myself to sleep

Half of the times being because of something you had said to me

Something that had slipped out

Something that couldn't ruin our friendship too bad because after all we were "best friends", Right?

You'll never see the person behind my name though

The only words you've actually heard out my mouth and understood were "Hi! My name is Ariel, What's yours?"

The first words I ever said to you were the last ones you heard, I mean actually heard from me

That's until now

Now is the time that I'm making sure you understand

Youv'e ignored me

Youv'e treated me like dirt

Youv'e made me feel bad about myself

And don't take it personally but if anybody asks: I never knew you

What can I say to them?

That I knew your fake smile

Or you mean Jokes

Or the way you tripped me up on a so-called accident

I know hurtful things youv'e done but like I've said I don't know you, I never will either...This is GOODBYE