Put Your Faith in Me

You better get on your knees and pray

That when the gods release their fury

That you arent caught in heavens lust

To sing our lives and dance with us

When the angels scream your name at night

Calling the saints for switchblade fights

And the air is filled with tears and joy

Know that you are seraphims fuck toy

And if your world falls to dust

Crumbling like cake, find you must

when theres nothing for you here

find a way to make them hear

when it all fades to black

and theyve turned their back

let loose fly the bullets of spite and rage

end the chapter, burn the page

grip my hand with skeleton bones

for as sinners we shant die alone

gun the engines of the horse drawn cart

doomed impending from the start

as your ribs crack from a musty choke

roll your dice and play for broke

leave nothing here for them to say

they knew you before you stayed that way

just as white walls on the dark side of the moon

flood your vision you will come soon

to join in the wingless in their flight

a blind ghost acting as your sight

and when these words make sense

you'll know there is no rverend recompense

but like the rest youll learn not to care

and never take the truth above the dare

and when the angels sing your song

and Mary asks where she went wrong

youll grin and giggle and laugh, then say

wasnt it god who made me this way?