I wish we still had love

As I toss these flowers on your grave

I think back to all the days

As a child when we would roll

Around in grandma's flower patch

And as I see the mourning colors

I think about the stones

That layed in peaceful slumberings

Under the great big pine, so silvery, shiny black

We would pick them up,

And throw them in the bird baths

See who could hit the most baskets

You were determined that an arm I WOULDN'T lack

And as I watch the dirt

Being thrown over your new bed

I think about the mud pies

That we would make in summer heat

We would run around the yard

Throwing them at one another

The rocks didn't seem to bother us

Even in our bare, unsocked, unshoed feet.

At that time I didn't think

That you would run away from me

From us really, I thought we were a family

Then I didn't think that your end you would meet

I linger at your grave,

somewhat longer than the rest

I shiver in the November wind, so frozen, icy cold

I remember all the times...

All the times at Christmas

Presents passed out, one by one

A family laughing happily

Rosy cheeks, and kisses and hugs

I remember sledding in the cold

You would pull me around the yard

And I would squeel with delight

...Back then our family still had love...

Back then you still had love...

But I'm jerked to reality

By the tears sliding down my cheeks

And I realize I am crying,

with the bittersweet memories

Really that's all I have left of you

Since you died so young

Is memories of the past when we were kids

I didn't even see you grow up

A rifle to your head,

ended that chance for us

For us to be a family again

...For our family to have love...

I wish we still had love...