Saying "Fuck You."

If I thought I could get away with it,
I would write a love poem to you comprised only of the words
"fuck you"
over and over in capital letters cascading down a page.
I would give it to one of my professors to review,
one of the older ones with published poetry, and he would say,
"this is crap. What made you think this might be poetry?"
I would laugh a little, give a cliche sad smile and say
"you see, sir, I've got this asshole ex-boyfriend
and I decided to write a poem for him,
but really, this is all I had to say."
My professor would sagely nod his head,
hand the piece of paper back to me and say
"it's still crap."
I would laugh again, because it's true,
then I might cry later
because saying "fuck you" is really all I've got left in me.