Her feet nearly gave out from under her as she landed, having jumped from her window sill to the tree outside her bedroom window. She was attempting to escape an evil was that climbing behind her, almost at her bedroom door. Lightning flashed as thunder roared a response, the storm lighting up the fear lining her young face. The tree house in front of her was her only shelter as she regained her balance, ducking into the old fort, shivering. True, it wasn't the safest place for anyone to be during a storm, but it was far safer than being inside her room, with them. Out here she only might get hit by lightning. In there she would die, or worse. Her imagination kept her from noticing the leaks in the roof, or the wind through the cut out windows. The windows, she kept her eyes closed, she didn't want to scream when the snarling faces appeared there. Peeling her eyes open to face the monsters all around her she hollered over the storm.

"You cannot enter without my permission! You CANNOT enter without my permission!"

A once beautiful face twisted beyond recognition as it laughed at her tears. Despite their amusement, her words had been true enough, hands that would reach through the windows to claw her pulled back, as if they were burned by some unseen fire. She pulled her knees to her chest, hiding her face, trying to block out the world around her. She prayed for the sun, for the protecting light from it's rays. But the storm raged on and the jeering calls continued as her hope began to fade. Ready to scream as she felt a hand rest on her shoulder, she found herself drenched in sweat instead, her blankets on the the floor.