Kiri raised a shaky hand to knock on Mitsu's door, her nerves getting the better of her. She was a few minutes early but she hoped that Mitsu wouldn't mind. She just couldn't wait in her tiny room any longer. The black jeans she was wearing were a pair she had forgotten about. The roses that were embroidered on the slim leg matched those found on her top. Absently she tugged at the tank top's hemline. She felt silly out of uniform. Gathering her nerves once more she raised her hand to knock a second time.

Her fist nearly hit Mitsu. He'd pulled open the door looking as excited as a puppy. Kiri barely kept a straight face as she kept the image and thought to herself. "Hey, I know I'm a bit early but…"

"I'm glad you're early. I was going a little crazy just waiting here all by myself." Mitsu cut off her apology. He showed her in his room rather large just like the rest in this dorm wing. His was decorated in a Victorian fashion, reds and grays adoring the walls and furniture. The lighting was dim, mostly provided by candlelight. A chair was pulled out at the table for Kiri and she sat marveling at the beauty around her.

"Would you like me to help?" Kiri felt awkward just sitting here while Mitsu was busy in his makeshift kitchen.

"Nope! I want you to sit right there, this is my treat to you." Even with his back to her, she could hear the smile in his voice.

"But you've already treated me to dinner once. I feel like a burden or a leech just sitting here."

"You are most certainly not a burden." He informed her of this as he carried over their dinner. "Besides, I love cooking and I rarely have someone to cook for."

Kiri's eyes widened and the conversation was momentarily forgotten as he set her plate down. "This looks amazing!" Awe filled her voice. It looked as though it had come from the kitchen of a famous chef, not some mini kitchen in a dorm. The silence that fell over them was a comfortable and Kiri took this time to sample the food. It was as delicious as it looked.

She glanced up at him over flickering candle flames. Though she had known him before this all felt so knew. It frustrated her to no end. Why couldn't she remember someone who made her feel this way? Mitsu caught her gaze as she puzzled over her memory. "It's delicious." She hoped in voicing her opinion she would draw attention away from her stare.

"Thank you." He was clearly pleased. A smile played on his lips, he was just happy she'd even come. Many an invitation in the past had been rejected without a second thought. She'd never socialized with his type before. Nonetheless she was here now.

Her eyes were locked on her plate as she ate, the dinner half gone. Mitsu's on the other hand was basically full. Too much mortal food was dangerous for his stomach. Besides his company was keeping him occupied. Mitsu watched her; aware of how obvious his affections must be though he didn't care. He'd waited four years to be able to be this free around her, let the world know. She'd always bee so cautious, so closed off and now she was finally willing to take a risk. Perhaps the amnesia was a blessing in disguise. His smile faded, how could he think something so callous?

Adter a few minutes of silence Kiri realized she could feel eyes on her. She looked up to catch Mitsu's gaze upon her. Her face flushed, how long had he been staring at her like that? She had been distracted, something she avoided at all costs. That's when she noticed his smile had gone. Oh no, here it comes. Distress washed in. He doesn't want me here anymore. The thought hurt though she couldn't figure out why. She'd really only just met him.

It took Kiri a moment to realize his lack of smile was just because he was lost in thought. His eyes were out of focus. She ignored the rush of relief that accompanied that realization. His eyes, have they always been like that? One was pale blue, icy and deep, the other a caramel brown that threatened to lighten to yellow in this light. His odd eyes slid back into this word as he fell out of his daze.

A grin spread itself across Mitsu's face as he noticed Kiri's eyes playing across his face. It stretched into a full smile when she shakily returned it, setting down her utensils.

"That was probably the best meal I've ever had."

Thank you M'lady." Mitsu teased in response "I'm honored that you enjoyed it." He cleared their plates. A frown found its way to Kiri's lips when she noticed how much of his plate was still full. It deepened when a wine glass glimmered in the light. Was that wine or something else within its glass walls? It certainly was not the grape juice she had been drinking.

A small plate clinked against the table accompanied by a soft voice. "It's wine." Mitsu had caught her disapproving look. Her cheeks warmed and she tried to ignore how close he had been to her. His mouth had been just inches from her neck. A chill ran down her spine when she realized just how venerable she was making herself. This was dangerous on so many levels. She turned to face him, their noses brushing. Something in his eyes held her entranced. Something flashed withing Mitsu's eyes but he moved away too fast for Kiri to read it.

Daintily Kiri picked at the dessert before her. It was just as amazing as the rest of the mea but it left her wondering how long Mitsu had been perfecting this craft. There were too many secrets within her, how could she let her guard down like this?

"Oh no!" Worry lined Mitsu's face. "I hate to do this but I just realized I'm running late for something. I was having so much fun I didn't notice the time." His tone was strained, something was definitely not right. He dragged a confused Kiri out of her chair and across the hall to her door before she had a chance to speak. "Thank you so much for coming tonight."

"Th-thank you for having me." She was stammering. She could see how his eyes kept darting to the ends of the hall searching for something. Kiri's stomach churned, Mitsu was clearly worried. Vampires were not supposed to get worried. Something very serious was going on.

"No problem. I owe you one for kicking you out like this." She started to shake her head but he cut her off before she could respond. "I do, no arguing. Good night." He hesitated before leaning down and kissing her forehead. Kiri simply stammered out a good night of her own as he disappeared within his own room.

What was that all about? Kiri's anger was irrational, a cover for her real feelings. Shoving me out like that, and being so… forward. She fumed as she changed into her old-fashioned nightgown. What did that even mean. Her fingers lightly brushed her forehead as she struggled with her emotions. She tried to focus on preparing for bed but her thoughts kept getting the better of her. What if… no that's silly I barely know the guy. There is no feeling anything but maybe curiosity for him. The lies she was telling herself were thin at best. I don't know how I felt about him before. Does it even matter? Internal conflict continued to wrack her brain as she drifted into uneasy sleep, oblivious to her neighbor's current actions.

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