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In Washington, west of the Cascade Mountains, there was a very large and populated city called Guadaloupe. The city was filled of cars, pollution, idiots, and people. It was considered suburban, for it was on the outskirts of the major cities. There were many public services available for the people living there such as theatres, malls, drive-ins, hotels, airports, schools and libraries. Speaking of schools and libraries, there was actually a university known as U of G and a library not too far away from it.

The Chaske Public Library was a large complex set in downtown Guadaloupe. It was surrounded by several small shops and food stores and beside it sat one of the three local DMVs, while across the street was the University of Guadaloupe. It was always crowded with some sort of people, whether it be students, kids, or people waiting for their place in line at the DMV. It was a building made of stone but plated in granite, and the inside was of stone as well. There were shelves upon shelves of books, ranging from children's books all the way to the adults only section. A small section of the library was dedicated to it's computers and researching area, while a whole other part was meant for the students who came in to study.

Zoe Hyundai sat at a small, rectangular table off to the backside of the library in the section for students. She was leaned over, her right arm curved around her paper with her head resting on it as her eyes shifted back and forth from her paper to her book, her left hand copying things down from the text quickly. It was her Forensic science class and, although she didn't need to yet, she was copying down notes for the upcoming chapter on analyzing fingerprints.


Across from Zoe was Rachel Trieu who was attempting to read through her book "From The Ground Up". She was supposed to write an essay on the differences between the Rules and Regulations Canadian Airspace and the Rules and Regulations of American Airspace. She tried to focus on reading her book thoroughly but it was so boring, and it didn't help that her eyes were wandering off of the pages, and onto the woman in front of her, who was working away quietly.

She stared at the angelic figure before her in awe. Her black hair, inherited from her Japanese ancestors was tucked behind her ear, and her sky blue eyes darted back and forth from the book to her papers. Rachel loved the color of her eyes that occasionally change to different tints and shades of blue. She often wondered if Zoe played any sports because her 5'5 figure looked athletically toned. She watched the mixed Caucasian woman quickly scribble.

Slowly, a gentle smile spread across Rachel's face like when the sun gradually shines more and more upon the earth in the morning. Her mind was in a state of stand-by and all she could do was smile at Zoe, as her heart pounded softly against her chest.

Zoe looked up from her work for a moment, dropping her pencil onto her paper as she stretched out her fingers and then her arms and shoulders. She closed her eyes as she stretched, then reopened them slowly as she yawned and then looked over at the young woman in front of her. The girl had her jet-black hair pulled back in a ponytail, a few bangs hanging down in front of her face and a textbook sitting in front of her.

It took a little while, but Zoe finally noticed that Rachel's chocolate brown eyes were looking at her and Zoe had a hard time not getting lost in their beauty. Zoe smiled at her warmly, as she began to put her notes into her textbook and then closed it. During that time, she only took her eyes off the two-inch taller girl once so that she made sure that she had put the notes in the book relatively straight. She pushed the book to the corner of the table, and then widened her smile slightly.

"I think it's time for a break," She said.

"Hmm?" Rachel was still dazed and hadn't realized that she was still smiling at Zoe.

Zoe tilted her head to the side a little, watching Rachel's baffled look. She blinked once, and then slowly reached out, lightly touching the other girl's arm.

"You wanna take a break?" She asked softly, unable to keep from letting another smile spread.

"Uh… umm sure, how's coffee sound?" Rachel stood up and forgot that she had books on her lap. They went tumbling onto the ground and blushed as she mumbled, "…nice Rach nice…"

Zoe heard the books hit the ground, and she immediately went to Rachel's aid. She knelt down on one knee, letting the books rest on her knee as she picked them up one by one. She stood after that, setting them back on the table before gathering up her own things.

"Coffee sounds great."

"Thanks," Rachel smiled grateful that she didn't get laughed at. She pushed her books into her bag, pulled it across her shoulder, and let it hang on the opposite side, "Where to?"

"Don't mention it," Zoe smiled, tucking her two books and notepad into her Spider-Man book bag before throwing it over her shoulder and holding it there.

"Well, we can always go to Starbucks," She said, pointing to the left, "Or, you know, Starbucks," She pointed another direction.

"Or, even better than that," Zoe spoke again, pointing in yet another way, "Starbucks!"

"Hmm… I love the choices we make as adults, they are so many things to choose from," Rachel laughed softly as they headed out towards the door, "By the way, nice bag."

"Thanks," Zoe replied with a quick smile, then laughed softly, "I know. The choices are endless. We could be here all day just trying to choose, you know?"


They opened the door and were greeted by the warm, early June air. The two disappeared into the large crowd of moving people, and after many shy glances Rachel and Zoe exchanged, they found themselves inside of Starbucks.

The two girls entered the semi-crowded building and got in line. The Starbucks had hardwood floors and brick walls with many shelves displaying mugs and different varieties of coffee.

After buying their coffees, Rachel and Zoe find a table in the corner of the café and sat across from each other.

"So, how are you doing in Computer Programming Aerospace?" Zoe asked, taking her cup of coffee and swishing it around gently and slowly to mix it up.

"Alright, just a lot of problem solving stuff," Rachel shrugged, "and how are your forensic science classes going?"

"Well, that's good," Zoe smiled, taking a sip of her coffee before speaking again, "They're going good. We're learning about evidence now, and the next chapter is of fingerprint analysis."

"That's awesome, it sounds cool. I can't believe we're graduating soon. Four years passed by so fast," she looked at Zoe and wished that she had the guts to tell her what she saw in the woman.

"It is cool," Zoe said excitedly, then her voice calmed when she sighed softly, "Yeah, I know. It seems like just the other day that I was graduating high school and then walking onto this campus for the first time."

Zoe basked in the thought for a few moments, then shook her head and smiled, "So, are you ready for graduation?"

"I don't know… I honestly don't feel ready. I still have so much that I want to do," Rachel sipped her coffee and placed it back down on the table, her hands fidgeted as she looked down, unable to meet the older girl's eyes. Like telling you how I feel around you… She snapped out of her thoughts, "What about you?"

"I don't know if I'm ready or not. I've liked my college life…" Her voice trailed off for a moment, then she picked back up, "To an extent. But I'm also ready to get out, you know? I'm ready to go do what I've been studying to do for so long, you know?"

"You're cute when you say 'you know'," Rachel blushed when she had realized what she had just said and quickly looked away.

Zoe was a little caught off guard by the comment, but she blushed soon afterwards. She didn't know what to say, she hadn't had anything said like that to her in a long time.

"T-thanks," She stuttered with a smile.

"Don't mention it," Rachel mumbled, embarrassed.

Why did I open my big mouth?


Zoe couldn't help but keep the smile on her face as she fully took in the compliment she was given. This shouldn't have been effecting her like this, but she had to admit that if felt nice having things like that said to her again because the passed year and a half had been nothing but hell for her in that part of life. It was pretty much the whole reason why she only liked her college life to an extent.

"So umm… do you want to go out sometime? Maybe we can hang out somewhere?" Rachel asked nervously.

"Going out sounds great!" Zoe grinned, then her thoughts drifted to someone else. She grit her teeth without showing it, pressing her lips together and shifting them to the side.

There's no way I can get out of the dorm without her knowing…

"Okay," Rachel grinned excitedly. She had never felt this happy in a while, "When's good for you?"

Suddenly, Zoe felt bad for even thinking about the person who'd made her life miserable up to this point. Once again, she grinned at Rachel and sipped her coffee before swishing it around some more.

"Whenever is good for you is good for me," She said.

"How's tomorrow? I can pick you up at 6:00. Bring all your winter clothes," Rachel grinned, "We're going skiing! I'll pick you up from your dorm?"

"That'd be great! I'll be sure to get them all out of my closet," Zoe countered Rachel's grin, thinking for a moment about the location that Rachel had specified.

"No, actually, my dorm isn't a good idea," She said, "How about you meet me somewhere?"

"Umm… sure, I can wait for you outside in my car or something," Rachel smiled and added, "Dorm mate a pain in the ass?"

Zoe laughed and nodded, running her fingers through her own hair, "You would not believe."

"So do you want to come over to my dorm for a bit? We can hang out. My dorm mate, Kaytee, is awesome, she doesn't care who comes over, as long as I don't bring guys home but we both know that isn't a problem," Rachel winked, and laughed.

"I'd love to but..." Zoe looked down, feeling really bad all of a sudden, "I can't. I have to get back to my dorm. My dorm mate is an asshole."

She looked back up at Rachel after a moment and smiled weakly, "But I promise we can hang out next time she goes to a party or something, and hey, we're going skiing tomorrow so, I'll make it up to you then!"

"Alright," Rachel smiled warmly, "What's with your dorm mate?"

"She goes to bed early and gets really cranky when she gets woken up," Zoe explained, "So, I try and get home relatively 'early' so that she doesn't bitch at me."

"Gee… does she PMS a lot or something?" She raised an eyebrow.

"It seems like it sometimes. She's always ranting and raving about something and sometimes I wish I had gotten stuck in a different one," the shorter girl sighed.

"Aww, it can't be that bad. Be happy that you don't have a best friend who gets all hyper about every girl you date and squeals when she thinks you've got a crush on somebody," she rolled her eyes.

Zoe giggled, shaking her head and then smiling at the younger girl, "Trust me, I'd love to have someone like that. It's better than having Lord of the...erm..nevermind. I don't think I should go there."

Rachel drank from her cup and grinned, "You should smile more often, it compliments your face." It compliments your face… What the hell?

"R-really?" Zoe could feel the heat rising in her cheeks again, that evil heat that brightened her skin into that horrible blush that she hated so much, but even though she couldn't stand it, it made her smile even more.

"Mhm…" Rachel watched as Zoe's cheeks blushed and she smiled.

Zoe tried to hide her face. She didn't like blushing, especially around other people. It made her shy, and she didn't like being shy. But for some reason, she couldn't help it around Rachel. There was just something there that wouldn't let her.

"Don't try and hide your face, you look adorable," Rachel grinned, "I've never seen anyone look as good as you do blushing."

Zoe blinked and bit her lip softly, not knowing whether to smile or what. She didn't have the first clue of what to do except look back at Rachel. That solved her problems because as soon as her eyes met the younger girl's, the smile she couldn't control spread again. Now the only problem was that she didn't know what to say.

Rachel felt the awkward silence creep into the air and she broke the tension a few seconds after her chocolate brown eyes met the sky blues, "I think we should go now," she suggested softly but couldn't seem to pull herself out of the trance.

Zoe nodded in agreement, but didn't move. She couldn't. She was stuck, lost in Rachel's beautiful eyes as the two sat there. All thoughts had left her mind completely, and all she saw and heard was Rachel. It felt as if, for that moment, that was the only thing her world revolved around.

The younger girl let go of everything. She lost track of time, she forgot where they were, and what they were doing. It was almost as if they had frozen in time. All she felt was her heart, which constantly beat against her chest, and all that mattered to Rachel was the woman before her.

Pronunciation Guide

Hyundai: Hee-un-day

Trieu: True

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