it was cold when we were woken

it was cold when it snowed

colder still when you laughed and kept me on hold

time to sit and think of the nightmares

the holes

the monsters of a mind collapsed

of a broken wingless thing stuck on earth

deprived of warmth

souless eyes staring up.

a breath of smoke

a glimpse of darkness

the loss of innocence

the trampling of hope

and still

with eyes of fury

without a foe to name

though we keep falling

we are still the same

not noticing the reason we have fallen so hard

and so far from grace

we still scream the same

letting the same drops of blood on new fallen snow

give us all the same signs

that they've given before

cold breath and cold hands

shadows strung across

darkened planes

the enemy is old

the enemy's the same

a fractured mirror

in a puddle of shame

the biggest foe to fight

and for each one

it has a different name