Slowly, silently through the garden

I walk

I walk along the grass that seems

So foreign among the dark walls

Foreign like me

There is no sound as I pass.


Nothing but the river as it meanders by

I hear no birds or animals

I am all.

In the center of my garden is

A tree

The tree that bound me here for eternity

Its fruit hangs like a temptation

To bind me again

I can feel my face growing warm

The tears

My tears fall as silently as my garden

There is no sun to dry them for me

I am alone

Like a shadow in his dark dominion

He is there

He is there beside me as if I had called

There is a hand upon my back, comforting

I see his eyes

Where have these tears come from, he asks.

I want

I want to tell him the depths of my heart

That I long for the sun, and yet I am

Bound to him

Through my tears I can see his face soften

For me

For me he feels such love that

He reaches up to wipe the tears away

From my eyes

Never in my many years here have I seen

Such love

Such love for someone like me

From a god such as him, one to be feared

My heart quakes

I offer him the only sentiment I can

A smile

A smile to show the feelings I possess

There is love in my heart for such a man

King of the Underworld

Just a few more months, he says to me

He knows

He knows my desire for what he cannot give

My tears stop falling and I embrace him

My dark lord

I feel his arms come around me

His touch

His embrace is the only warmth I have

Surrounded by my silent garden

I find peace

We are interrupted by a flooding of souls

They cry

They cry as I had moments before for help

He wipes my last tear from my face as he goes

With a heavy heart

I turn and pluck a fruit from my tree

A pomegranate

The fruit that destroyed my life and saved it

Hades, I say to it, I am here for you

I give myself to you.