The Saturday morning sunlight slowly poked its head up from behind the horizon. Gradually, the green plants began getting their color once again and the sky returned to its pale shade of blue. The birds began their daily songs, officially marking the beginning of a new day.

Little by little, everyone started waking up. In one particular house, the Mambros family was just waking up.

The family included a younger girl named Megan who was slowly making her way into the kitchen while her mother was preparing her breakfast. The morning was almost perfect, but there was something seriously wrong with her; one could easily tell by how she was gripping her teddy bear, "Huggy".

"Hi, Megan sweetie," Mrs. Mambros said with a wide and pleasant smile as she put a glass of orange juice on the kitchen table for her daughter. "How'd we sleep last night?"

Megan didn't say anything. She looked glumly at the floor, still clutching her beloved bear. There was a look of genuine concern in her eyes.

"Mommy, I think there's a monster that lives under my bed," Megan weakly said in her four-year old voice.

Mrs. Mambros pretended to put on her best panicked look. Her lips, smothered in crimson lipstick parted, created an "O" of fake horror.

"A monster?" Mrs. Mambros asked.

"Yeah," Megan nervously said. Her curly brown hair fell closer to the floor as she looked at it.

"Don't you worry, honey," Mrs. Mambros said. "I won't let a scary monster get anywhere near my little girl."

Megan uneasily began taking tiny sips from the glass of orange juice in front of her. The time went on, and soon, Megan's older brother Tim came down.

Tim adjusted the glasses on his face with one hand. He cheerfully walked over to the table and gave a good, bright "Mornin', Mom," welcome.

"Morning, Timmy," Mrs. Mambros said. She inserted a piece of white bread into a shiny silver toaster.

Tim sat down in the chair next to Megan. Immediately he could tell something was wrong.

"Hey, Meg," he tried to say brightly. "What's the matter?"

Megan passed her brown eyes to Tim. Even though he was only eleven, he looked like a full fledged adult to her. She scrambled her young mind for what to say.

"The monster under my bed last night scared me," she said in a surprisingly shameful voice.

"The monster?" Tim asked with a large smile spreading across his round face, revealing two rows of disorderly and somewhat yellow teeth. "Under your bed?"

"Tim, don't scare her," Mrs. Mambros said as he she wafted a large clump of her darker brown hair to the side of her head.

"He wasn't, mommy," Megan sweetly, yet sadly defended. "The scary monster lived under my bed. I could hear it roaring really loud. It was growling."

"Ohhhh, honey," Mrs. Mambros said as she walked over to her daughter and slowly hugged her, "I won't let any mean monster get anywhere near you."

Megan uneasily sat there, not feeling her mom's icy grip on her shoulders.

The sun made its routine journey across the sky, and soon the moon had begun its own pilgrimage. Stars were sprinkling the night time sky and the once warm air had turned deathly cold and still. All signs of prosperous life had vanished.

Megan was under the covers and gripping Huggy, her teddy bear, tight in her grasp. She was scared that the monster was going to come after her again. Terror was creeping through her blood like a deadly poison.

Then, she thought she heard a growling noise. Promptly, Megan let out a terrifying shriek that ruptured the walls and bounced right off.

Mrs. Mambros dashed into her daughter's aid in her bedroom. She found Megan crying from terror in her bed, looking completely terrified.

"Megan, what happened?" Mrs. Mambros asked gingerly as she held her crying daughter in her arms.

"Mommy!" Megan wailed. "I heard the monster! I could hear it breathing! I thought it was going to eat me!"

"Okay, okay, calm down…" Mrs. Mamrbos tried to say in her calmest voice as she gently patted Megan on the back. "It's going to be all right; mommy's going to make everything all right."

"What's going on here?" asked a voice, breaking the tender feeling in the room. Mrs. Mambros and Megan turned around; it was Tim. He was in his pajamas: a white button-up shirt with orange stripes running vertically down the sides right under the arms and dark silk pants.

"Tim, your sister thought she was hearing voices from the monster again," Mrs. Mambros said.

Tim lightly snickered. "Megan, I promise you, there is no monster living under your bed. Monsters aren't real."

"This one is," Megan countered. For some reason, Tim found it completely impossible to argue this statement.

"All right, honey, let's get you some milk," Mrs. Mambros said as she took her daughter's hand and led her out into the bedroom.

Sniffing and terrified, Megan was accompanied by her mother out of the dark room. They proceeded down the long, lifeless hallway and entered the kitchen.

Mrs. Mambros flipped a light on and everything in the kitchen suddenly became visible. She and her daughter had to squint their eyes at first to adjust to the sharp increase in light.

Megan was sat down on one of the wooden chairs, still trying to get herself back together. Meanwhile, her mother was just closing up the refrigerator after getting some milk.

"Okay," Mrs. Mambros soothingly said as she gave her daughter milk in a translucent blue plastic cup. "Everything's going to be okay. You just had a bad dream, sweetie."

Megan slowly drank her milk and was getting back her control. She never stopped looking at her mom the whole time she was sipping from the cup. When she finally finished, her mother once again tried to calm her down.

"All right, we're just going to go back to your room and tuck you in, okay?" Mrs. Mambros asked sweetly.

Megan seemed to approve of the idea. After giving her daughter a quick scoot out of the seat and a pat on the back, both of them were down the long hallways again. On their way out, Mrs. Mambros flicked off the light switch, and the entire kitchen went pitch black.

Both went down the long hall and headed towards Megan's room. Megan was evidently nervous about going back into her room, so Mrs. Mambros tried to say a few words to calm her down.

"Honey, it's going to be all right," Mrs. Mambros said, repeating the lecture she gave in the kitchen. "There's no monster under your bed or anywhere around here, all right?"

"But mommy, I heard it breathing," Megan insisted, stomping her feet on the ground as they stopped in front of their bedroom.

"Megan, I promise you, there isn't a monster in your room. I wouldn't let you go in there if there was…"

Mrs. Mambros opened the door, and suddenly her scream of terror echoed throughout the room. Someone was lying dead on the carpeted floors.

Mrs. Mambros wasn't the only one screaming. Megan was letting out a long, horrified screech when she saw the figure. Her heart practically gave in when Mrs. Mambros flipped on a light and it was revealed who the person was.

The person lying on the ground was none other than Tim. There was blood all over him and he was barely recognizable anymore. Some of the blood spilled off of him and stained the carpet on the bedroom. It looked like something massive had taken a bite out of him.

"Mommy! Mommy!" Megan screamed. "What are we going to do to help Tim?!"

"Honey, stay here. Mommy's going to go call an ambulance and get some help."

In no time, Mrs. Mambros was on the phone after just calling the police. "Yes…please come here right away," she said frantically into the phone. "My son's just been attacked…I don't want him to…"

Then Mrs. Mambros let out a loud scream of terror.

------------------------- --------------------------------- ------------------------ ------------------

"Tonight, a disturbing incident took place in this home," said a dark haired television news reporter named Cindy Petran. "A mother, her daughter, and her son were all found dead here, in their home earlier tonight. There are some very graphic pictures that are too violent to be shown. Police say they have no leads on the killer or where he may have gone. There were only a few clues that were spotted at the scene of the crime: one was the phone Mrs. Mambros called the police on when the murders took place, and a teddy bear that it is assumed Megan Mambros was holding as she, her brother, and her mother were being murdered."

The camera showed a close up on Megan's teddy bear. An evil sneer was written all over its face with blood smeared all over its mouth.