Author's Note: This work was sort of inspired by "How to Save a Life" by the Fray, but not really because I already had the idea before the song came out

Author's Note: This work was sort of inspired by "How to Save a Life" by the Fray, but not really because I already had the idea before the song came out.

So people were making me sick with their reviews about choppy sentences. Please if you're going to complain about something like "choppy sentences" tell me exactly what you want me to fix! I wrote this a very, very long time ago. If you really what to get insight into my work, read a longer story. I'm thinking people review this people it's short, but you all might be reviewing this because you liked the sound of the title.

I hope you enjoy the story. If anyone would want to edit this story for me that's really brilliant with grammar and such please PM. If you would be kind enough to volunteer to beta any of my other stories just send me a PM. Trust me, I need the help desperately! I've seen worse grammar on this site so I'm not exactly worried about it.

The excerpts fall in the order she wrote them. Specific dates aren't really needed because you can guess at what age she wrote them and age isn't really important.



Random Excerpts From Sofia's Diary:

"On the first day of kindergarten, Edmond and Wyatt fought over the crayons. Wyatt won. They have been mortal enemies ever since."

"Edmond is a jerk."

"Edmond actually showed up at my first date with Wyatt."

"I love Wyatt!"

"Edmond and Wyatt got into a fight AGAIN!"

"The summer I turned thirteen I went to Europe, got a tan, and started wearing a bra. I came back to school. Wyatt and I start dating. Edmond starts calling me "ugly", "anorexic", "stick", etc."

"I think Wyatt's doing drugs."

"I saw him doing coke."

"I'm so scared."


End of excerpts

--a liar's mission--

Wyatt's POV

Suicide cannot be taken back. Well, duh. You would be dead. I was sitting in class while a counselor droned on about suicide. We should get help, talk to a teacher or parent, blah blah blah. Like we haven't heard this crap every freaking year.

Of course, I was high. I was always on a constant high. I depended on my coke though I would never confess to it.

I looked at my girlfriend Sofia Long. She had a bruise on her beautiful, ivory face, right under her eye. Man, it looked awful. A pretty girl shouldn't have a bruise like that — especially my girlfriend. The bell rang, and Sofia stood up and walked out the door. She didn't even bother to say hi to me. What the heck?

"SOFIE!" I called loudly. She froze and turned around. Her beautiful wolf-gray eyes were blazing. Had we had a fight? I didn't remember. The stuff I did tended to do things like that to me.

"You need help, Wyatt, if you think I'm going to make polite conversation with you after this," she pointed to the bruise, "you have another thing coming."

Did I do that? I thought. I would never hit a girl! Let alone Sofie. I love Sofia.

She turned around and walked away. I attempted to chase after her, but suddenly Edmond was blocking my way. Edmond Sand was my worst enemy. I hated this wealthy, little cretin who seemed so much better than me. He didn't do any type of drug, and he certainly had better grades in school, but I had the girl he wanted desperately, which meant I won. I had seen the way Edmond looked at Sofie. That was why I had to have her besides the fact I'm a winner.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, outraged that he dared to block my path. I was bigger than Edmond and definitely had more muscle, but Edmond didn't seem afraid of me. He never did. The slightly less-muscular boy always stared me down, which was partially the reason why I despised him.

"Go check yourself into a rehab, Smith," he ordered tightly. "You're going to hurt that girl so bad, she will have a broken heart." He predicted. The rich kid sounded more worried for Sofie than for me. How dare he? How dare he think he could say that about me? I would never do that to Sofie.

"You're a fortune teller now," I stated sarcastically. "Stay away from my girlfriend, idiot." I admit, I was terrified that Edmond would steal her away. He probably could easily, especially because I was too high on stuff to pay much attention to Sofia anymore. Constantly, I was thinking about my next hit.

Finally, I caught up with Sofia on the sidewalk right outside of school. "Wyatt, I love you, but I refuse to be with anyone who hits me." She said. Sofia's father had hit her. When she had told me about her father's abuse, she claimed that she would never ever be with someone who physically harmed her. She knew the things her dad put her and her mother through. Sofie was a heck of a lot stronger than me.

"It wasn't me! It was my coke, so it wasn't my fault!" I protested.

"Give the stuff up then," she stated dryly. She wasn't pleased with my extracurricular activities, and she wasn't even going to pretend that she was. That was Sofie for me.

"NO! I NEED THEM!" I shouted. She flinched and backed away. My voice was so loud it echoed off the walls. It hurt even my ears, but I didn't let it faze me. Sofie looked like she wanted to make a run for it.

Her voice was soft and calming as she spoke to me. "Wyatt, I'll help you. I'll help you check into rehab. I'll stay with you through it, but you have to—" I interrupted, knowing what she was going to say next.

"I'M NOT QUITING THE DRUGS! AND I AM NOT A JUNKIE! I'M NOT A DRUGGIE. I AM NOT AN ADDICT! I DON'T WANT YOUR HELP!" I shouted. I punched her a few times. She backed up trying to avoid my fists. By luck, she got out of my manhandling grasp and escaped down the street. She wanted to get away from me as far as possible and as soon as possible.

"I can't help you if you don't want to be helped. It's over, Wyatt. We're through until the drugs are gone. It's the drugs or me. Make up your mind," she ordered. Then her voice turned soft again. "I love you. Just please stop, for both of our sakes."

I came at her, ready to strike her again, but her sweet voice interrupted me. "I think I really do love you, but I don't know, Wyatt, and the way you're acting now sure isn't helping me want to love you." Then she was gone.

--a liar's mission--

I stared at my wrists then at the knife in my hand. Then I went back to my wrists. I repeated that over a few times. I couldn't live without Sofia and I couldn't live without the coke, even though I wouldn't admit that I was an addict. I had only one choice. I slit my wrists deeply.

--a liar's mission--

I was at my own funeral as a "guardian angel." I watched Sofie in her bruised glory cry her heart out over my dead body. I could feel the guilt radiating from her. I wanted to reach out and touch her.

"You can't," a voice corrected. "You can't comfort her. You made your choice. Now you can watch and only help them when absolutely necessary." The voice came from some instructor, a superior being who instructed me on my after life duties. It was so weird.

Sofie's stepfather, Gart, comforted her. Gart was cool. He was very good to Sofie and her mother, Jenny. Gart led Sofia away from the casket while putting a comforting hand on her arm.

"This is my fault. This is my fault. This is my fault," Sofia repeated in hysteria. "If I hadn't told him to quit, he never would have done this."

"It is not," Gart said.

GO, GART! I silently cheered him on.

My dear alcoholic mother decided to make the scene. "It is too that slut's fault! Because of her, my boy's dead!" she screeched in a drunken stupor.

Like you cared about me before, you alkie. Sofie cared about me. She always cared about everyone. Stop treating her so badly, Mother. I thought.

"Hey, lady. Be quiet. Do not call my daughter a slut!" both Gart and Jenny exclaimed in unison. Jenny patted Sofia's shoulder.

"Let's get out of here," Jenny said. I watched them leave. I found myself following against my will.

--a liar's mission--

My girlfriend sat on her bed glaring at a picture of the two of us. "You were a coward, Wyatt. You were an addict. You couldn't give up your drugs, so you committed suicide and left me here to deal with the aftermath. You could have done it. I would have helped. You idiot. Suicide? That was pointless! That is a wasted life. What happened to your dreams? What happened to you? Heck, what happened to me?"

"I'm sorry," I whispered, but my voice was unheard by anyone. She continued to glare. Now she hated me. Great move, Wyatt. Great move. I was an idiot and a coward. Oh, and I forgot: a loser.

Now I had turned myself into my girlfriend's guardian angel. How was this going to work out? Was I going to have to watch her be with another guy? Or worse, was I going to have to watch Edmond swoop in and take her as his girlfriend? NO WAY! I wasn't going to let Edmond near Sofie.

--a liar's mission--

As I was following her, Sofie ran into Edmond. What, does he STALK her now?

"Sofie, how are you doing?" he asked in a friendly way. I never thought of Edmond as particularly nice, but he seemed sincerely concerned about Sofie. I was worried that he would take advantage of her innocence and her trusting soul. She hated Edmond as much as I did. Surely she was going to tell him off.

She shrugged. "I'm surviving. How is your brother doing?" Edmond had a brother? They sounded pretty friendly, as if they were friends. Sofie and Edmond? That was a laugh. No way was that happening.

"Oh, Clayton. Of course, you would ask about him." He sounded a bit disappointed that she asked about the brother, instead of him. "Well, my parents want to send him off to a mental institution. They can't handle having a schizophrenic for a son. It ruins their reputation. Clayton doesn't know they want to send him off, so he's okay. You're the only one in this school that knows about Clayton because you knew him before he was diagnosed and hidden away," Edmond remarked angrily. Sofie sat down on the bleachers, gesturing for him to follow her. He confidently sat down next to her.

"Clayton was like a big brother to me and my best friend. I still miss him. Wyatt came along, and we became friends. Then we started dating . . ." Her voice trailed off.

"Then he got on drugs and hit you," Edmond added bitterly. Sofie sighed, but Edmond went on. "It's true, Sofie. He was a druggie and an abusive boyfriend."

"Maybe at the end, but Edmond, he was a good guy before that," Sofie defended me quietly.

Edmond rolled his eyes. Then he nodded. "He was, Sofie." He placed his arm around her shoulders. "So how are you really doing?" he asked quietly. I wanted to rip him apart because he was touching her and I couldn't. Edmond was touching my girlfriend!

"Well, I'm past denial. I'm just as angry as I have ever been at a single person," she answered honestly.

"You, mad? Now that is scary," he remarked.

"It is. I don't like it," she said.

"Come on. I'll sneak you in to see Clayton," Edmond stated. He took her hand. She took his hand, smiling. He got her to smile, but I couldn't. Life was unfair. Well, so was death.

--a liar's mission--