Drugs are stupid. Drugs are stupid. Drugs are stupid.

I wanted badly to go back in time to and tell everyone that I came across that 'drugs are stupid.' Suicide is even more idiotic. I was a dead idiot. My girlfriend hated me. I had nowhere to go but down.

I wondered how Hell would feel. It had to be better than being my girlfriend's guardian angel. Maybe I would wake up and this would all be a very bad dream. Hell had to be better than this. I would appreciate the real afterlife over being a guardian angel.

I wish I had never met Sofia. Both of our lives would be better off. Sofia could have motivated me to quit, but I hid my habit well. Deep down, I was ashamed of my habit even though I acted as if I was proud of it. I hated myself at this point.

Could guardian angels suffer from depression? Here I was, dead, and I had more questions than the living. Would I have to reside over Sofia until she died? How could I watch her date Edmond? She was too soft-hearted to say no if Edmond came up with enough courage to ask her. What if she fell in love with him? I felt like hurling at the thought.

Big question: could guardian angels throw up?

--a liar's mission--

Sofia's mouth dropped open when Edmond asked her out on a date. Of course, she said yes. The poor guy looked so hopeful, so desperate.

What does he want with me? I could almost hear her thinking. He could get any girl he wanted.

"Except the one he wants, Sofia," I whispered to myself. My statement fell to deaf ears. For half of a second, I wanted to push Sofia towards Edmond. It felt right to push her at Edmond—to push her towards the guy who would treat her right.

Edmond went to touch her hand and she jerked away. "No. It's too soon. I can't. I just can't. I have to go. I'm sorry. . ." she said in her freaked out, broken way that broke both our hearts.

I stood there in unknown silence as Edmond tried to decide what to do. I wanted to order him to go after her or she might do something as stupid as I did. Sofia was tender-hearted. She was easily hurt.

I willed it for him to go to her as forcefully as I possibly could. I wished with all my might for them to be happy together. I was the ultimate liar—the liar who lied to himself. I was the guy who destroyed his life and hurt everyone around him. Once upon a time I was on the liar's mission. "Good" liars lie so much that they end up even lying to themselves. A liar's mission: is to destroy himself or herself—and they always take someone down with them in the process. They don't realize they are hurting their loved ones by lying—or worse, they do. Sadly, that description had once fit me to a "T".

Now all I wanted to do was make it right.

He moved and caught Sofia. "Sofia, I'm sorry I'm moving too fast. It's just that I've loved you as long as I have known you. I didn't want to miss my chance again. Wyatt got you as his girlfriend because he was brave enough to ask you first. Please, Sofia, give me that second chance," he whispered.

She seemed to look at me. She wanted to say yes, but she wanted my approval.

"Say yes, Sofia. Say yes. He deserves you," I ordered.

"You hate him."

"It's a good sign that he doesn't hang out with the likes of me," I harshly joked.

"It's time you move on to Heaven, Wyatt. You learned your lesson. You've earned redemption," Sofia whispered to me as if she had known it all along, but she was sad to see me go.

Light seemed to surround me, and I could see all the good things that had happened to me in my life. Then I saw Edmond and Sofia's future. They were happy together. My story was over and their story was just beginning.

--a liar's mission--

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