It was a lovely day in 1943 on the island of Sodor which was just off the coast of England. Thomas was chugging around the island doing the odd jobs to which he was accustomed to: shunting freight cars, hauling timber and other materials which were required for the airport which was being built. Gordon was hurrying back and forth from one end of the island to the other with the express cars full of all sorts of "important people". James and Henry were hauling all sorts of goods for the island from the docks, and Percy was bustling about, trying to act as important as Gordon. All the diesels including diesel 10 were helping make repairs on the suspension bridge which had been damaged in the last major storm. Suddenly, the air raid sirens began to blare and all the workmen went scrambling to the air raid shelters. Thomas paused and looked up at the swarms of bombers and fighters that were heading towards the island from Europe. Suddenly, a group of German Stuka dive bombers began their dives on the unfinished airport. With typical accuracy, they all released their bombs right on the target, making a row of craters along the newly-finished runway. One of them however, hadn't released its bomb in time and headed straight for Thomas. "Well bust my buffers" exclaimed Thomas. Suddenly, the Stuka dived and released its bomb which did just that. The workmen in the shelters gasped as they grasped the situation. There was an immense explosion and accompanying fireball and all that was left was a smoldering crater and bent rails where Thomas had been. The wave of airpower continued to sweep over the tiny island, destroying all the targets to be found. The saw-mill, the chocolate factory, and the yards were hit the hardest. A flight of a dozen Heinkels discovered the engine house, and began their bombing run on it. As they passed on, they left the engine house a smoking pile of rubble. Henry and James, who had decided to discard their loads and make a run for the safety of the tunnels, were racing down the tracks when they were spotted by a couple of FW190s who executed a perfect wing-over and came up behind the unsuspecting engines. At the exact same time, they each fired two rockets which exploded on either side of the two engines, shattering their machinery and stopping both of the engines dead. Gordon was at the same time was also trying to make it to the safety of the tunnels, dodging rockets and bombs and strafing runs from ME 109s and FW 190s. Percy had been on his way to the docks to hurry Henry and James along, and when the docks came into view, he was just in time to see a flight of Stukas begin their dives on the unprotected docks. As the bombs rained down, Percy backed away and began racing back the way he had come. Unfortunately, his escape had not gone unnoticed. A lone FW 190 took up the chase and just as Percy dashed into a tunnel, the FW 190 fired a couple of rockets, which blocked the end of the tunnel and showered Percy with debris. At the other side of the island, the diesels had been continuing to repair the suspension bridge, blissfully unaware of what was going on at the other side of the island. Suddenly, there was a whoosh and several 16 inch shells buried themselves in the hillside behind the bridge. Offshore, a battleship of the "Bismarck" class continued to shell the coastline along with several smaller battleships and cruisers. They kept up their bombardment for a little over half an hour. When it finally stopped, the landings began. Landing craft began their journey from the transports to the coast loaded down with men, tanks, and equipment. As the ramps came down, the men and tanks drove inland, meeting light resistance from the few British troops that were stationed there. The diesels continued their work in wonder until they heard rumblings and saw a dozen tanks reach the crest of the hill on the other side of the bridge. 'Arry and Bert immediately took off in the opposite direction, but hadn't gone far at all when a Tiger I and a Panther had laid a couple of 88 shells into them, utterly destroying them. Diesel and Diesel 10 charged across the bridge, hoping to draw the tanks fire and let the other diesels escape unharmed As they reached the middle of the bridge, Diesel was in front of Diesel 10 on the tracks, and was suddenly hit by a flat trajectory shell that was fired by the Panserfaust IV which had coolly lined up its 76mm cannon so as to hit Diesel in his front. Diesel 10 screeched to a halt and peers over the smoldering wreckage of diesel. The Tiger I rumbled forward towards Diesel 10 as the other 11 tanks meticulously destroyed the remaining diesels. As Diesel 10 trembled behind what was left of Diesel, the Tiger I effortlessly rolled over the metal that was once Diesel and then crushed Diesel 10 under its treads as it advanced across the bridge, which the diesels had just completed. In the confusion of the takeover of the island by the Wermacht, Sir Topham Hat was able to escape to Britain in his personal submarine. Needless to say, Percy was soon found by the advancing armor and demolished and Gordon, who had also made it to the safety of the tunnels, was discovered and shipped back to Germany, where he worked in the German rail system, and was eventually destroyed by the saturation bombing of all the railroads in Germany by the Allies later in the war. In 1944, the island was retaken by the allies, and Sir Topham Hat once again regained ownership of it, but it was never the same without Thomas and his friends.