This is due to my recent problems with alcohol and drugs.


Empty bottles---

Four empty bottles lie beside my bed
Don't wanna hear the thoughts that need be said
Four cherry bottles make peace within my head
Don't wanna feel a heart that seems broken

It's likely this is killing me
I'm sure this is the end of me

Drowning out these voices
Tell them I'm ok
Drinking down my problems
Take the pain away


Four empty bottles drunk within the night
Already lost my only sanity
Four cherry bottles bring to me the light
Just wanna find this fading clarity

This emptiness; it takes it's hold
A soul that's thrown down in the cold


(Chorus 2)
Fading in my sickness
Lost behind the light
Whatever I could feel
It's dying here tonight

A lust for hope is never gone
The happiness, it always leaves
Eternally I seek the path
I'm lost within my broken dreams

(Chorus 1)

(Chorus 2)

(Chorus 1)