Life in a Bowl




Sometimes I just sit and wonder... about everything, anything. I just wonder about all the small things in life, the big things in life, the medium things in life.

There are so many things in life to wonder about, to just sit back and ponder on. Not analyze, or examine, or try to find answers to, just to wonder about, to mull over.

Life. What is the point? Why are we here? Are we here to live for the moment, or are we here to make the world a better place for the next moment, for our children's moment?

But if we're here to make the world a better place for the next moment, why do we need a moment after the next? Why will our kids be here? To make the next moment better for their kids? When does the making better of moments stop? When can the moment be no better? Can it ever be no better?

Why do we today care so much about the world in many tomorrows from now? Is it our responsibility to save the world of tomorrow by sacrificing our own luxuries? What about the world of tomorrow? Will it be their responsibility to sacrifice their luxuries to save the next world of tomorrw?

Does it matter what happens to the world, as long as it doesn't happen when we are bodily on it? If the sun were to crash in to the earth, and fry all the current people of that moment to a crisp, would it be our fault, or our duty to worry now if we will have be dead for half a million, three quarters of a million, a whole million of years?

It's a terrible question, pitting each moral against the one beside it, and causing more questions in it's wake.

What do we do with our lives? Life passes, is wasted much more quickly, than any of us realize. Every day you become a day older, every day your heart has a few less beats left, everyday you've lost the chance, passed the crossroad's of an opportunity to do something, to experience something. But yet again, this realization shocks us, and causes more questions, because if, if, the previous theory of us being here only to improve the moment of tomorrow is true, than what is the point of experiencing, of heartbeats, of age?

It doesn't matter because we've done our part. But then what is the point of having tangible and intangible things to experience? Why are we here, able to experience all these things that might not matter, that might only be small figments of the imagination? The imagination that might not exist.

What if, in reality, we are tiny, single celled organisms, floating around space because there is no planets, or moons, or anything, what if all this, life in it's entirety, is all a hallucination that the organisms have created in cooperation? BUT, if we as hallucinating organisms have cooperated then that must be a sign that single celled organisms are smarter than we assume, musn't it?

Is life what we make it? Do our attitudes, points of view, morals, ethics, religious beliefs dictate what we do, the things we can experience, the situations we encounter, the people we speak with? Does our subconscious control the 'coincidences' of life? Are there any coincidences in life?

Is there an all seeing, god, or supreme being, who draws up the plan of the life of the world so that everything works out in the end for everyone? Or is this being a kid with a magnifying glass, with an anthill under foot? Are we the play toy of some larger world? Sitting above us is there a child giggling at our antics, are we just an intricate game of Risk to them? Is that child part of a world in a bowl, just as we are a world in there bowl? Does the line go on and on?

Why would it? What would the point be? Are we all just the plaything of one huge almighty all-knowing person? Amusing ourselves so that we don't have to face the obvious, the obvious fact that if we look into the sky, we see no clouds... but eyes? Eyes of curious beings, wondering how their ant-farm-like world is going today. Eyes, checking in to see what political, personal, economic wars have been started today? Eyes, checking the number of deaths and births, and how long the resources will last?

Comparing their statistics to that of another friend, hoping his world will last longer than hers because then he will have the funds to buy a new "World in a Box: Fun for all ages!" and he will be the coolest kid on the block...

Sometimes I just sit and wonder. I sit and stare at the sky, at the clouds, at the stars, at the things around me. I just sit and ponder upon the questions of life...