Previously in... Mandabeater, formerly known as: Sweet little Mandy...

There was a collective intake of breath.

"For World Peace of course!" she said looking at each of them hopefully. Just then a large BANG occured and half the ceiling fell in, and in with it came...


Instalment Two




"Dear, dear Lyssa!! EEEE!!!" Mandy ran to hug her, completely oblivious to the form of her entrance.

"I am here to help you Mandy, to make up for my past actions. AND I have brought my army of animalistic children." She stood militantly off to the side, in complete guerrilla attire, looking like some odd, odd, odd 'sexually-appealing', female troop leader from a Z-movie. (as in A-movie, B-movie, C-movie...)

Apparently the governments had lost control of the experimental station...

"Weird..." whispered the three guests as Mandabeater turned back to them.

"So are you going to help with World Peace or what?"

A collective "Uh..." was all she got in response.

" 'Uh' what? Are you? Will you?" The naive and seemingly innocent grin on Mandabeater's face was too excited to simply say no.

"Well Mand- Mandabeater darling, you know its not really that easy right?"

"Oh please guys, really, Mandy is fine. Mandabeater is so... formal!"

'Riiiiiiiight, "formal".' They all thought.

"I for one stand behind you Manda-"

"Yeah, yeah we all heard you Lyssa."

"STEPH! That is no way to speak to other politically, and militarily powerful allies!" studious Jezebel reprimanded.

"Well I'll help you, why not! I don't really see what I can do. But lemme get something out right now ok?"

"Well definitely newyique Chelle, go right ahead."

"Well I would like special treatment, to use a harshly truthful word. I want to be given powers, and supplementary income, as well I've been thinking that I might like to look into having a few sheep, but if worst comes to worst, and I have to set an example, I suppose I could start a sheep farm and pay good, respectable wages."

"That is completely acceptable newyique Chelle. Yay! How exciting!!! Two! How about you girls?"

"Well I don't really know what I can do... but count me in! There can be no harm in trying?"

"We will succeed nutty Steph, and there is much that you can help me do! Yay! Three!"

"No, I simply will not do it!"

"Studious Jezebel, really! Look at it this way-"

"No! The United States of America is a sovereign state! Plus how can you have World Peace, controlled by you, and Manifest Destin- gulp"

The group looked at her, eyebrows cocked.

"Heh, heh...heh?"

"Manifest Destiny eh?" newyique Chelle questioned. "I don't think I like the sound of that... or ever did for that matter."

"Well it wouldn't really, technically be Manifest Desti-"

"Studious Jezebel," Mandy stepped in front of her "I am prepared to offer you the currently oil filled countries in exchange for your aid."

"Damn RIGHT! I am so IN!" She mouthed soundlessly for a moment, as if talking to an invisible comrade, creeping everyone out.

"Riiiiiight... so we must begin! This is my plan!"

Mandabeater launched into carefully colour coded notes and diagrams of plans upon plans of World Peace ideas. Most of which required doing things by way of her much grown group of pacifistic terrorists and which quickly tired newyique Chelle.

"Mandy! These are never going to work! Talk about time consuming and weak! This will take you years and centuries, and eons, and ages! Come on! Jump into action do something RADICAL!"

"But, but, b-"

"I for one agree! My two leading animal children shall help co-ordinate."

"Well don't ask them in just yet please dear, dear Lyssa. So which plan are we going through with?" nutty Steph asked.

"The walls, oh, oh! Please the walls! Remember that one time in Geo class when I said we should just give the states their own little island world? And let them believe that it was still the entire world and let them bomb whoever because it would all be make believe? Oh! This would be almost like that! d completely RADICAL! But in a slow way to ease Mandy into it. Please?!!" newyique Chelle's lip pouted out a little bit.

"Yes! Let's do it! Live in the moment girls, as my crazy-spastic-genius-boy taught me. Oh the spontaneous times we had!"

"Ok! I shall call in my seconds-in-command!" Dear, dear, Lyssa barked an animal sounding command and quickly two young boys dropped through her hole in the ceiling. "Quickly boys, mobilize the troops, walls have to be made and moved into their drop zones! Asap!" the two animalistics careened off before anyone could see behind their animal masks.

"Ok, so Mandy this is what the country walls succeed in doing. They 1) keep small countries safe from bigger invading countries 2) keep multi-nationals out and local economies safe and 3) solve the problem of countries disputing water rights. Correct-o?"

"Yes indeedy Chelle! Let's get to work!"

The group worked quickly, plotting drop destinations for the walls and how to inform the countries, once boxed, of their new ruler, and the way the world was going to be run.

Newyique Chelle, was writing the first draft of her riot-creating articles, to spread discord within the countries and their governments and cackling horrendously at her amazing witticisms at random intervals.

Nutty Steph, was planning out secret escape routes to a secret artificial jungle bio-dome on a parcel of land in antarctica secretly commandeered by Mandy-try, and sending secret communications to her faithful boy in Mozambique, currently studying the healing powers of baboon tails.

Dear, dear Lyssa, was shooting in and out of the entrance she had made in the ceiling supervising the building of the indestructible walls with never-ending substances that she had access to thanks to the fall of the government institution.

Oddly, studious Jezebel was muttering soundlessly to herself more and more often, and that mixed with the working sounds of walls being built outside, was starting to both worry and get on the nerves of the other people in the room.

"Jezebel! What is the matter with you! Cut it out and help us here! Do something Manifest Destiny like!"

"Well for your information Chelle, I am conversing with my political advisor about the proper steps to take."

"Your political advisor?" Mandy asked, turning from her colour coded mass of notes. "I didn't know he was with you."

"He's always with me." studious Jezebel murmured in a creepy cryptic voice. "I'll show him to you. Heh heh heh heh..." she laughed evilly, and walked over to the large handbag she had brought in with her.

She reached her hand into the bag and pulled out a large jar, and contained within was...


"AAAHHHH HAH" studious Jezebels laughter was loud and maniacal. "HAH!! No!! This is not G. Dubya's real head! This is just a piece of laminated paper I put in water to freak people out! Hahahahaha!!" her laughing was normal now.

"Hah, hah, hah...?" everyone laughed along a bit nervously.

"I always wanted to see what people's reactions would be. AHAHAH!! Those were great! But right, ok, focus people focus! My real political advisor is none other than my grandfather, who is on his way here upon Air Force One. You'll meet him shortly."

There was a plane sound and dear, dear, Lyssa's head appeared in her entrance.

"Um, studious Jezebel did I just hear that Air Force One would be arriving shortly carrying your political advisor?"

Studious Jezebel nodded, and dear, dear, Lyssa screeched and disappeared.

"STOP!! ABORT, ABORT!! Ruff, growl, rawr, phft, phft, meow! Cheep cheep SQWAK!!!" Dear, dear Lyssa's yells could be heard above the noise of the workers.

But sadly she was too late. The sound of screaming engines could be heard and the flaming body of A.F.O sped past the window of the room and crashed into the ocean.

Studious Jezebel had a look of absolute horror on her face. "M-, he-, bu-, yo-, AHHH!!!!!" she collapsed onto the floor.

"I HAVE HIM!!" dear, dear Lyssa dropped through her entrance and into the centre of the group, supporting a practically unconscious old man.

"Oh phew. I thought I'd lost you again!"

"Again?" everyone looked confusedly at Jezebel as she scurried over to her grandfather.

The old man raised his head and the amassed friends jumped back in shock, for it wasn't the face of the kindly old man they remembered, oh no, no, NO! It was much worse, horribly deformed, with a beak like nose and a horrible, horrible accent fell from his lips.

"Ahm all rahght Jezebel, and God Bless Ahmericah!"


Newyique Chelle fainted in terror of being in the presence of her biggest phobia EVER. George W. Bush...Jr.!!!!

"I'm dead. I'm dead, oh sweet jebebus let me be dead!" Newyique Chelle was muttering her wishes under her breath as she squeezed an eye open.

Standing in front of her... trademark insane smirk/smile/grimace/brainless face on his face, was none other than former president of the United States of America.

"AHHH!! I'm not DEAD!! Why? Why oh why does it have to be ME!! AHHH!!!"

"Dear, dear Lyssa could you face him towards the wall please, and don't let him speak. Thank you. Now Chelle..."

Mandy and Steph, using her Red Cross skills, managed to calm Chelle down sufficiently to face her away from the old man.

Studious Jezebel was bouncing with excitement as Mandy and Steph faced her to question the appearance of the horribly disfigured grandfather.

"Isn't it exciting? Huh? Huh?"

"What is this Jezebel? What happened to your grandfather?"

"Well... he was very sick and then one day he woke up and was completely healthy. Georgie was reincarnated into him! A mis-step in the Hindu belief of re-incarnation. He stepped into an old body instead of a new so that he could guide me in the leading of our country. He loves me!"

She started fondly at the old man.

"So thats why the US has been in the dumps lately huh?"

"Now Chelle-"

"What ah you sahyin' girl?"

"AHHH!!! AHH!! No more!!! Enh, enh, enh!!" newyique Chelle began to rock nervously plugging her ears, making her ancy sound.

"Hey you two! Don't make me give you a time out." Nutty Steph said warningly.

Angry yelps of the gaurd boy-animals at the sound of 'time-out' made everyone jump. Dear, dear Lyssa quickly calmed them.

Suddenly the two lead animal-boys jumped in and newyique Chelle turned to face them as they lifted their masks.

"The walls are complete Lyssa. hljalfjpaeanasdbabblegabblehurghsls!!" they 'laughed' in a disgusting manner and began to inch towards Chelle.

"AHH!!! Why ME!! I thought I left you forever when I abandoned you in the city and left for university!! AHHH!!!" she scrambled to get away.

"Who are they Chelle?" Mandabeater asked, "We can only help if we know what they are!"

Chelle was so frustrated she could have burst.

"They are..." she gritted her teeth and slashed out with her pen. (get it? Pen is mightier than the sword? huh huh?) "My brothers! AHH!!"

"AHH!!" There was a collective scream from Jezebel and Chelle and Mandy as the animal boys began to go nuts.

Annoyance meters exploded, long buried eye twitches began again, and the girls are quickly losing their cool!

What's to happen!?!

Until our next installment...