To my lovely readers:

The past two years have been a roller coaster emotionally, physically, and mentally. I've wrapped up my degree (thank goodness), done a bit of traveling, and focused on my health. Right now, I'm working on a flesh-and-blood manuscript to see what comes of it.

I am, utterly and completely, sorry for neglecting continuing this story. I have devoted a few hours each day to my writing, and will be including Blue Blood in this prioritization. I feel horrible for letting down the people who still have me on author or story alert, so I have decided to truly commit to finishing this based on the outline I scrounged up from my files a couple of years ago. However, I'm not happy with how the original chapters look. My project is going to begin with an edit of the chapters that have already been published here; whenever I re-post a chapter, I will let you know in either an author note or a separate author-note chapter, so you can (if you're interested in following) receive story alerts.

I also am annoyed with my rather imaginative depiction of London. I want to pursue something more realistic and believable, and having lived there for a year, I think I can probably do a better job of it than I was doing before (going off of tourist memories and the accounts of people who have no idea how to navigate there).

Few other notes as well: I will be removing my short story "Manipulative Bastard." It reeks of bitterness and I don't want it in a public forum anymore. However, I usually give about a week's notice before doing any major changes on the off chance that someone wishes to read it before it goes.

Finally, I would LOVE to see more reviews. I tend to post anything with more consistency when I feel that people are involved with reading-- and can offer me encouragement and/or constructive criticism. So, please, if you enjoy reading my work, I really would like to hear what you think of it and how you feel it can be improved.

With lots of love,

fleursdinnocence xo