And I failed to forgive you for every promise
you've broken without a word of regret. But
I love you so much and it's addicting to know
that you don't value all the promises you make
me, cuz it justifies all the mistakes I've made
as well. And I don't wanna let you fall, but if
I keep lending you my hand you'll only tear it
off and take it down with you.. So I just need
to let you go right now, if I want to make it
out of this mess we've created together. And I
know it means that you can destroy yourself
without anyone that would ever notice and I
don't want to let that happen, but there is no
other way for me to live right now. I just wish
we could fast forward to a time where all of
this is history and we'll laugh at how foolish we
were 'back then'. The scars will have faded
into teeny tiny reminders of our addictions and
no one will know and no one will care, except
for you and me. So maybe when you start to
miss me, you'll know that all of your broken
promises left me with nothing but a broken
heart again, and I can't be the one to save you