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Chapter One:

The rain pounded against the car's was almost painful for her ears. It was deathly silent and she hated it. She was driving home by herself from her boyfriends...ex's, she corrected herself. He had called her half an hour previous, saying he needed to talk. Come to find out it wasn't a good one, as they often aren't, she was still trying hard not to cry. He had cheated on her, not with just anyone, but his ex girlfriend, the one he swore he was over. A tear escaped, it dripped down her cheek, leaving an ugly streak in it's wake. He had promised; swore on his life; he would never leave was all one horrible lie. She wasn't paying attention; more tears dripped down her face; the car drifted to the other side of the road; lights blinded her, that was all she saw.


A week later she awoke. She slowly peeled her eyes open to the blinding color of fluorescent hospital lights. White; white everywhere, she hated it. How did she get here? She sat bolt upright and gasped. "My car!!"

"Ms. Cole?" A tall and lanky doctor walked in, he seemed surprised that she was awake. Lauren Cole, she was 17, a junior in high school and currently ready to maul the doctor in front of her unless he quickly told her what the hell had happened.

"How do you feel?" Typical retarded doctor, never to the goddamn point.

"How do I feel? How do I feel!!! Pissed! That's how I feel!" She was mad, confused; her head killed. What the hell is going on? What happened after I blacked out? I don't remember, why don't I remember!

"Please calm down Ms. Cole, it is not good for your current condition for you to over react." He walked over, slowly pulling a needle out of one of his white doctors coat pockets. Lauren knew what it was, her mother was a nurse. It was a sedative that would probably knock her out for a good few hours.

"Keep that shit away from me. I know what it is and I don't need it."

"Just tell me what the hell happened to me, please." If she had to resort to begging to get that damn needle away from her she sure as hell would. She hated needles; had a strong phobia against them.

"Do you promise to calm down?" He eyed her suspiciously, as if she would rip out her IV and attack him.

"Yes," she glared, exasperated beyond belief, this guy was obviously an idiot.

"You were in a car accident," No, really? Didn't know that at all.

"Your car wasn't totaled but it will be a hefty price to have it fixed. You suffered some cranium damage, nothing too serious, and you also broke an ankle. You were very lucky Ms. Cole."

Lauren didn't respond; she looked up slowly, "What about the person in the other car?"

The doctors eyes didn't look into hers, "They are in a coma."


Lauren dragged the stupid IV pulley behind her; it was late, most of the hospital staff were gone or trying to catch those few precious seconds of rest before the next emergency came in. Lauren was hobbling, she had some clunky booty on her foot because of her broken ankle. It was itchy and uncomfortable. She'd probably be yelled at later by Dr. Stevens, the one that had talked to her earlier that morning, for walking on it so soon. She had come to find out, after his frequent visits to check her vitals, that he was actually really nice; even funny. He liked his jokes, that man did. Back to the mission at hand; Lauren was searching for the room where the other person from the accident was in. It was all her fault and she felt so awfully guilty. She just wanted to see who it was, to apologize, even if they couldn't hear her.

Lauren counted the numbers on the rooms doors until she came to 301. This is it, time to see how much damage I caused this person. Her hand hit the cold metal of the door and she hesitantly nudged it open. She pulled her IV in behind her, not wanting to end up having it ripped out, and looked up. The person in that bad was definitely not who she expected or wanted it to be. The boy, a fellow classmate and one that she had fallen in love with two years previous, laid there, comatose. This was not her ex, no, this boy was 17 year old Michael McNamara. He had long, adorable, blond hair, and usually wore glasses. But now the glasses were gone and his hair was dull. The two of them used to be best friends until Lauren's now ex boyfriend had gotten in between them. Her freshman year in high school had brought on the feelings she had for him, that's when their friendship had hit off. By the end of the year they were stuck like glue to each other. But Lauren had fallen in love with him at the same time, but knew he would never want to date a friend, so she kept her distance and started dating her ex.

Oh God, what have I done? I forgot he got his license this year...what horrible luck. Oh God...

Lauren fell to her knees at the side of his bed. The tears rushed up like tsunami waves and she broke down. It was all too much, first the break up and now this. She hated herself. It was all her fault, everything was. "Ugh..."

Lauren's head snapped up. A groan! Was he waking? She stood, using her IV stand as support, and stared down at him. His eyes were squeezed shut and he looked as if he was in pain. Lauren leaned over and grabbed the control buttons on the side of his bed, she pushed the one to call a nurse. For what seemed an eternity; a nurse in colorful scrubs came rushing in. She stopped short though and stared at Lauren.

"What the hell are you waiting for? He's in pain! Help him!" Lauren pointed to Michael and then backed away as the nurse sprung into action. She watched as the nurse checked his vitals, then turned quickly as he groaned again. His eyes opened, achingly slow. He blinked, once, twice. "I can't see..."

Oh God, I've made him go blind! This was the first thought that went through Lauren's head, until she saw him go reach for the glasses that weren't there. His vision was probably even more blurry than usual because he had been asleep for so long.

"I'll go get the doctor!" The nurse dashed from the room. Maybe she would bring Dr. Stevens, he may let her stay in here.

Lauren hobbled over to his side, and picked up his hand. His family wasn't here, neither was hers. They had come earlier but she assured them it was stupid to stay, they all hadn't slept in days.

"Who are you?" His eyes flicked to her; his voice was grainy from sleep. She knew that he couldn't really make her out, she would be blurred colors. If she talked he may recognize her voice, so Lauren stayed silent but gripped his hand tighter. Seconds later she dropped it though, as if she were burned, as indeed, Dr. Stevens ran into the room.

She sat back, resting in a visitors chair, she hadn't even been noticed. Lauren listened as he went through the same spiel as he had done with her. Michael was disoriented and answered the questions as best he could.

"How did I get here?"

Lauren froze as the question left Michael's lips. He'd hate her. God, please don't answer that Dr. Stevens. But Lauren sighed as he told him the same thing he had told her. No specifics. Just what had happened and what had been broken on his body. His arm along with some head trauma; the reason behind his short coma. Dr. Stevens placed his glasses back on him and smiled, "Welcome back."


Another 3 days had passed and finally Lauren was leaving. She had not spoken to Michael, after everything had been sorted out Dr. Stevens had noticed her and promptly kicked her out of the room. She had been assured by Dr Stevens that he hadn't told Michael that she had been in the other car; telling her that she should be the one to tell him that. Michael would be released from the hospital in another week. He had suffered more severe head trauma then she had, they were keeping him for further observation.

"You ready to go sweetie?" Lauren's mom, also a nurse at the very hospital they were at. Lauren nodded, picking up the annoying crutches she was now forced to use. She fit them under her arms and started the slow trudge to her mothers parked car. The rest of the family were waiting for her at home, to greet her and shower her with their love. Then would come the yelling, the arguments, and finally grateful relief that she hadn't died. She loved her family so much, but she was far too physically and emotionally drained for any of it that night. Or ever, for that matter.

They reached the car and Lauren's step father, Ryan, helped lift her into the back seat of her moms SUV. It's not like my whole leg was broken. She rolled her eyes. Her step dad was usually rude and acted like he hated her, which he probably did. The only reason he was helping was for her mothers sake. Have to keep up the appearances of a caring daddy, you know.

Half an hour into the car ride home and Lauren wished she was back at the hospital. She had already been asked over a dozen times if she was alright, if she needed anything, if she wanted a painkiller. Each one was answered with a no. But that didn't deter her mom any, she kept right on going with the questions even though it was obvious Lauren just wanted to be left to her thoughts. Eventually, Lauren just pretended to have fallen asleep and the car became silent, almost lonely.

Why did this all happen? Why did it have to be Michael that I hit? I wish I had gotten the chance to talk with him, his family was there for days after he woke up, I was never able to enter his room. I'm sure they know it was me that had done that to him. I feel horrible...

Lauren was jarred from her thoughts when her mom called that they were home. They pulled up the drive-way, which was covered in snow, it had finally snowed while I was gone? Lauren's mom hopped out of the car, as did Ryan who came around to help her out. But by the time he had gotten to her side of the car, she was already out and walking with her crutches to the door to their home. The whole family was inside and Lauren almost decided to turn and attempt to make a run for it, broken ankle or not. But her mom came up behind her, smiled, and then gave her a nudge forward. Damn...


It was after midnight and Lauren couldn't sleep. Everything had gone so wrong, she never wanted any of this to happen. Why did it have to be Michael?

Her night had gone horrible, her family was happy she was ok but it didn't matter. Because she really wasn't ok, she never would be until she got this dark, deep guilt out of her system. That wouldn't happen unless she talked with Michael and found out if he really hated her now or not. To top off her night she had gotten a call from none other than the asshole that had caused the distraction that had made her crash the car in the first place. She did blame part of it on him. Why shouldn't she? He had crushed her heart into tiny pieces. He had just wanted to see if she was feeling better, that he had visited the hospital with Christina, the dike he had cheated on her with, and felt bad about the whole thing. He then went on about how sorry he was and blah, blah, blah. Lauren didn't believe a damn word of it especially seeings how Christina was giggling in the background. She had wanted to hit him so bad at that moment but instead slammed the phone down, breaking it. He hadn't tried to call back; Lauren was thankful.

Now after everything was all said and done, Lauren felt empty; hollow almost. She wanted to leave, just run away from it all. She wanted to see Michael. At the same time, she really didn't. She sighed and stared up at her ceiling. She slowly counted the lines in between each of the little block shapes that made up the top of her room. Her eyes drooped even as she tried to force them to stay open and slowly she drifted off.


Everything was dark. Pitch blackness with a velvet softness surrounded her. Where am I? She wondered, it was voiced out even though her lips did not move to expel the words. She felt light, like she was floating. Oh, what an amazing feeling it was. A soft touch to her cheek and she turned and smiled. Michael stood there, hands reaching out to her, a beautiful smile on his bespectacled face. She reached out for one of his hands but just as her fingers brushed the tips of his own, they melted. She stared in horror and some amazement as his body disintegrated as if it were made up of sand. The scene shifted, she was no longer floating in a velvety darkness, she now looked down upon a broken and bruised body. The only discernible feature being the broken glasses that still lay upon a battered face. Lauren screamed.

With a jolt Lauren rose from her sleeping position. A cold sweat glistened on her brow. Her breathing heavy and eyesight blurry, what had she just dreamed? Shaking off the sick and scared feeling, she got out from bed and dragged her feet to her door. She heard her family downstairs, the makings of a good breakfast could already be smelled. Her mouth watered. Ten days of nothing but disgusting hospital food would do that to you. Not bothering to dress Lauren bolted down the stairs, or tried anyway, and reached her kitchen. She was greeted with a look of disappointment by her mother, seems she had forgotten to use her crutches, well wasn't that just too bad. She plopped down in her favorite seat at the kitchen table, the one that had all the warm sunlight on it, and waited.

"Lauren, do you want French toast or eggs?" Her mother asked.

"Both!" Lauren was literally starving, she wanted normal good tasting food. Something cooked by her mother that didn't look like mush slopped together onto a tray. The food at a hospital was enough to make you never want to be injured again, ever. It probably made you worse than better. Just thinking about that junk was making Lauren loose her appetite so she decided to concentrate on the smells wafting her way, damn, her mom was one good cook. As Lauren sat there, day-dreaming about the food she'd be eating any moment, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Lauren went to dash for it until she caught the stern look her mother sent her way. Oh yeah, no crutches. She sat back down.

"It's for you," Her mom chucked the phone at her and Lauren barely caught it. Glaring at her mothers sniggering back Lauren brought the phone to her ear, "Hello?"

"Hey, this is Michael. I think we need to talk."

Lauren almost dropped the phone. What the hell am I going to do...?

End Chapter One

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