A:N: Its gotta be nearing a year since I rough drafted this, although I've finally had enough courage to re-read it, edit it and put it up. It touches on a lot of stuff that's personal to me and that I don't expect anyone else to understand. It's based loosely on a dream.


Her mouth opens wide like the gun to her head,

As the trigger is pulled and her fear is fed,

The bullet is sent by an unknown hand,

But before it drills in it all turns to sand,


The sand's on the carpet as she falls to the pile,

And she stands in the desert as two worlds collide,

She falls to her knees, slams her hands to the floor,

Her face hits the ground as she's begging for more,


The Sun burns her back while she crawls up a dune,

Needles jab at her wrists and the hate comes too soon,

Planes gush overhead and bombs wail to the ground,

As she looks at the world, there's no peace to be found,


She lifts her head from the floor as she sees him come close,

It's all in her head but she thinks he's a ghost,

He takes her by the hands, staring into her eyes,

Looking down at the sand as she tries not to cry,


Thunder crashes the sky, rain falls to her face,

As they look at each other, she's so out of place,

Her lips watch his part, she leans in too much,

Tongues race to each other, longing to touch,


The knife pressed to her throat, ending the bliss,

Blood drawn from the wound rubbing on her last kiss.


I jerk out of my bed,

Awaken in sweat,

My eyes open wide,

Wet with tears she cried.


I run to the mirror

And she stares back at me,

There's nothing I can do now;

She'll never be free.

-- Even Gods Dream, 2006-2007