In the war, they, the chosen people God almighty!

They die, suffering the gas, and the wrath of the Germans.

They who are alive, are in hiding, waiting, praying, praying they are not found.

Praying they are safe.

Praying they will live to see another day!

The sound of the bombs falling like screaming banshees!

The shaking of the house, like a tent in a most intense storm!

How does the house still stand?

How does it continue to hide the chosen people of God?

Is it the will of the most high?

What words can express the fear?

What kind of people could kill them all?

How do we sit by and do nothing?

How do we live in peace while the chosen people of God die?

Are we not their allies?

Or their enemies?

Why do they suffer?

What could posses a man to wage such a war?

All to destroy the chosen people of God?

When will the slaughter end?

Shall they live to see the next day?

How can one man slay so many of a race who has done nothing against him?

When will the rivers of blood dry up to flow no more?

We helped, we ended the rivers, for now.

But what about tomorrow?

How much more blood will flow when we leave?

And for how long?

Now our allies are under attack!

Do we not go to there aid?

How can we let rivers of their blood flow once again?

Neigh I say, we cannot let our friends die without aid!

The roar of our fine jets will be heard, the ground shaking bombs will be dropped!

We MUST aid The Chosen People of God!

We must be the answers to their prays!

We must save our friends from complete destruction!

Who be brave enough to help?

I choose to fight, what will you do?

To come with me to the rescue of our allies and friends?

Or to abandon them to the world to ravage and slay them?

end poem