it's bottoms up for the bride
and everyone's waiting to watch her
skid down the isle
(too bad those high heels can't keep her up)

the groom's gotta go
and the whole wedding party
knows it
(too bad he can't use all that black for camouflage)

bridesmaids, get to the battle stations
if anyone is gunna keep this
disaster afloat, it's gunna be you
(too bad they're too busy with their hair)

the best man better watch his back
the bride slipped a few tabs of
X in his drink, hoping it was for the groom
(too bad he chugged it and made out with grandma)

it's kisses and butterflies for the flower girl and ring bearer
they're too innocent to know of the terrors
of getting married to the wrong person too soon
(too bad they have to grow up)

AN// It's odd, isn't it? I think I like it..