Dragon Rider


Clementia…the land between Corstium and the Great Southern Sea. Land of the Elves, Dwarfs, Dragons, and Men; where Evil is beginning to take hold. Evil resides in the Urka Mountains and only a true hero can defeat it. One that has been prophesied about for fifteen long years.

At one child's birth a prophecy was spoken about the child's coming greatness. The child's parents knew that she was the one to defeat the Nameless Evil that loomed over the country. They were magicians of the highest order and they were destined for the coming war.

They begged their close friend, the King of Clementia, to let them go out with the troops. They felt that their God was calling them to go to war. The King knew if he let them go, that it would lead tot heir deaths. He finally gave in and granted their request.

Only a few months later they were ambushed by the mountain dwellers that served the Nameless Evil. No one ever heard from them again and they were assumed dead.

Their child was raised in the care of her grandmother unaware of her great destiny that awaited her…