Sex is not a mystery

It is simple, and natural

I am not alone in this world

Not how I thought

Words are not enough

Listening to a song

I turn my thoughts to you

And the fact that I love you

"How odd,"

I think to myself,

"That I feel no pain here

Only my own"

For of course I have doubts

But never about you.

You are the knight in shining armor

Who I wished for in passing

And assumed would never come

So soon it all began!

How we jumped into that ocean

So Suddenly

I'm high

But in full sensibility

A nervous little girl

Plotting new ways to make

Your knees weak.

When did you know

Had it even been a week?

Before you said the words

For I thought time had to be key

Books, TV, it all lies

Something here is unique

And I don't want to let it go

You know what I mean

Just before I say it

You've had that friend

Who stabbed you in the back

Shall I seize the day

With your hand in mine?

For I want to be with you,

And not afraid

Of the silence

The one of never ending