As the Earth Flirts With the Flame

by Kevin Mason

And the hands of the furious wind rolled out maniacally, lashing out at the stirring sand of the dark desert. The fearful sand gave way to the grasping air and leapt frantically from the scorching earth.

The world was on fire.

I could see Satan in the sky and devils on the horizon, gleaming with a golden glow upon their red pallor. They had the bodies of men and the heads of snakes and the wings of ravens. Their eyes shone stunningly with a sorrowful sheen and their hands were the hewed heads of high horses.

My world was on fire.

The sky was red and the moon was blue and every city glowed with hateful hearts and foolish faces. I watched in awe as the stars began to bleed and the universe began to shatter under the weight of everything, or maybe nothing, maybe something. No, not something: someone. Rain turned to blood and hail to flame.

My world was burning up.

Bleeding hearts set sail on a river of red with their socio-cultural souls swooning and soaring softly above, watching the sky break like glass. Somewhere, an empty baby carriage sat overturned in a parking lot next to a cross-adorned casket, boiled in blood and made from hate.

I'm burning up.

I'm on fire.