Red Lady

She is in the center. All seek her touch. She reaches into the ground and touches the very heart of the Earth, and the world dies.

She is dressed in scarlet, adorned with golden jewelry and diamonds. She cries for no one, only for the bleeding stars of the shattering heavens.

Death tolls for the lives of all, but still she stands at the center of the universe.

A golden chalice.

She fills it with the blood of God's own and puts it to her lips. Blood drips down her chin as she gulps it down, as though dying of thirst.

She reaches out with a slender arm and grasps the sun, pulling it from the sky.

"No more light," she vows.

And in the darkness, Death finds us all and drags us screaming into the fires of Hell.

And I, unwilling to die and yet uninterested in life, find peace in the end of it all.

So cry out, if you can, to the One you've pushed away. Can He still hear you? Can anyone?

The scarlet woman can, but she will not save you now, not this time.

And neither will your money.