Heaven Also Needs to Cry

"Why does it rain?" She asked her mother curiously, glancing at the dark grey sky and its cold raindrops with innocence.

Her mother hesitated slightly before responding with a small tug of her lips. "Because sometimes, just like humans, Heaven needs to cry."

She remembers that day long ago when she was but a young child; at an age where everything peaked her curiosity and she would ask questions. She was no different now than she was before. She still asks questions constantly; but these questions were not "why is the sky blue?" or "why do birds chirp?" Rather, these questions are deep and emotional; philosophical. It's always about fate or destiny; about life and love; about friends and why things happen in such a way.

There are many things she remembers and yet, many that she forgets. But, she remembers that nostalgic memory clearly. And she seeks comfort in the statement her mother had responded with when she's standing outside in the pouring rain, trying to wash her sorrows away. A day such as today when the sky is murky, she is standing there in the storm, with cold, anesthetizing raindrops falling upon her already damp skin (but from her own tears or the rain?). Still, she wishes the rain would grow colder and numb the pain; she wishes the rain would fall faster and drown out her thoughts; and she wishes the rain would never stop falling until she loses herself in it. She tilts her head up towards the sky, clear liquid sliding down her skin, slowly numbing her into someone unfeeling, cold and withdrawn… but she still believes. Maybe, just like humans, Heaven also needs to cry.