Twisted lullaby

The distant cries of little children

Carried among the howling wind

As midnight stars kiss the sky goodnight

And the fireflies eavesdrop in

From a whisper to a scream

On the drops from crimson rain

And all these moments cannot be missed

At the thought that you're insane

And as haunting spirits rise

From the depths of a watery grave

An eerie fog rolls in across

An abandoned ocean's waves

Pale moonlight slithers through

The reflection of myself

Leaving morbid shadows to haunt

Me but no one else

They play and dance across my mind

Leaving me scared and alone

I just pretend they aren't there

Making them unknown

Swallowed alive into the pit

Of fire and isolation

No comfort for my torment

My soul in obliteration

And pulled from within

A collection of my deepest fears

Released and let go: now free

To shed my blood-stained tears

And I can hear the faint melody

Of little children's cries

And I use them as the lyrics

To my twisted lullaby