Little Secrets

Don't fear, my dear.
It'll never get out;
It's locked in the cupboard
With nary a shout.
And though it makes a mockery
About Aunt Mabel's crockery,
There's nothing it can say or do
To make me let it get to you.

Don't fret, my pet.
I'll never let it out.
It's roaming round the kitchen floor,
Hurry, help me hold the door!
But all the while, just you remember,
I'll keep you basking in this splendor.
And no matter how it scratches or yowls,
I'll never permit it the rest of the house.

Don't scream, sweet dream.
I'll never let it free.
Though it may roam our attic to basement,
I'll never let it cross the casement.
The neighbors shall never know what's there,
Using your brush to unsnarl its hair.
Yes, cherished bloom, stay with your mother a time,
I'll camp here in the yard and keep it in line.

Why are you snarling, my rose-lipped darling?
I've done all I could possibly do
And although its clawed feet now prowl the street,
I am ever true only to you.