she could never


she's the fool in love; the idiot of insecurities

she could never see what was before her very eyes

but she's not completely at fault for neither did he


she's the master of facades; the dreamer with shattered dreams

she could never congregate the courage to tell him what he never knew

that she gave up her prolonged childhood dreams for solely his love


she's the nurturer amongst friends; the joy others seek

she could never put her happiness before others' bliss

then hiding her pain behind empty words and hollow laughs


she's the broken soul; the empty shell of what she once was

she could never move on without permanent scars in her heart—

painful scars which accentuates the inner beauty she possesses


she's life's favorite toy; the game destiny plays

she could never escape the evils that comes about her way

and she's always left shattered with none to pick up those crimson shards