The Art Of Love

By Vivid Dreamer

Camille Beauvais was a French Courtesan who moves away from her Courtesan Mother to live in a city full of clients and lovers, but it is in this city of Orleans that she meets Philippe Moissac, a French duke that has her rethinking her life as a Courtesan.


In the French countryside just a few kilometers North of Paris was a rolling, rocky landscape with a magnificent towering chateau built with yellowish bricks and stones. Le Chateau au Soleil seemed like a tower dedicated purely to the sparkling brilliance of the sun that hath shown the rays of ethereal light.

Inside this chateau in the South Wing was a room colored with whites, beiges and rosy pinks. Also, it was decorated with beautiful painting of the Grecian Muses, and at an ornate desk with many engravings of erotic beings sat a young woman of the age of 16.

She was young but not a girl of naivety but of knowledge and experience. One could see it in her eyes, stature and voice. No longer did she hold the sweet naivety of girls her age who were mostly married or awaiting marriage. She had naturally vibrant golden-blond tresses that she had in curls around her face. They were followed with a roundness of face and an eternal flush upon her cheeks. But it was her sage green eyes that gave away the thought to not only men but women that there was more to this young woman that her new fresh curvaceous body gave way to.

Fore, if one were to hear her with her mouth open in either conversation or song it would be immediately noticeable that she was not a girl dependent on her family but on her clients and her lack of decorum necessary for an unmarried lady of this time was unseemly. But for the men she encountered this was merely an increased enticement than a vice being that she was a courtesan by birth, a most appropriate companion for them at this time.

Her name was Camille Beauvais who is the illegitimate child of her mother, Sandrine Beauvais and her mother's master and lover, Duke Jean-Claude d'Ardenne. Living at Le Chateau au Soleil was a chance given to her to her father or Duke d'Ardenne being as it was most unseemly for them to have a too unprofessional relationship in front of open and critical eyes. But in this County there was not many chances for new clients and making the same connections was slightly disadvantageous for this young, intelligent courtesan.

One of her more dedicated clients was her half-brother's; whose name was Paul, friend, a 23-year-old heir to the neighboring chateau, Le Chateau de Fountaine. Pierre Champagne was a tall, modest, beautiful brunette man with chocolate brown eyes who just so happened to be financed to Camille's half-sister Virginie, an auburn beauty with so much naivety attached to her being that stupidity had been inevitable from her birth; an attribute given to her by her idiotic mother, Duchess Nathalie Lille d'Ardenne.

It was an almost daily occurrence that Pierre would call on her early in the morning for a casual stroll before breakfast, which was becoming his most lavish luxury. In the late morning, he spent the remaining of his time with Paul and Virginie. It was not even a rare occurrence that he would again come to her with requests and gifts aplenty for the long nights.

Life and business was well for Camille thus her mother, Sandrine was much pleased. But Camille desired diversity. To her all these men were one and the same except for the fact that some were old and/or ugly. She wished and longed for a city life where she could have any number of lovers, gifts as she wanted and ultimately a much higher income. She was also bored with her life at the moment and was in complete confusion on how her mother could only want one man or only several to be her lovers. Besides Camille was feed-up and tired of sharing her prized, well-earned and varied gifts with her mother.