Falling for Summer Chpt 1

By Knightmare Elite

I felt inspired to do a story about love in the south, probably because I just moved down here. Anyway I'm still working on getting the accent right in the story, so you'll have to excuse that work in progress part.

"This is going to be the longest summer of my life," Abby groaned, drearily watching the cityscape fade into the distance.

She lazily swirled a lock of dirty blonde hair, legs restlessly crossing. Only a few hours prior, Abby stepped off the school bus ready to blow off the summer, beach, boys and bliss.

The minute Abby stepped inside she was slapped with a grim reality. Both parents greeted her surrounded by luggage. They as quickly explained the surprise family vacation. It was to be a rekindling with nature and family, and as such no 'ease of convenience' devices.

She fought long and hard to bring a few necessities. Neither parent would side for the cell phone, as her usage far exceeded the average teenager. Even at the age of 17 Abby was saddled by authority.

All she ever wanted was just to breathe, and summer vacation was reserved for just that. She looked at her pale legs, imagining lying on the beach baking a golden bronze. Abby frowned at muscular lifeguards giving her adoring glances.

She fidgeted in the seat in her deepest loss of all. It was to be the summer Abby lost her virginity. Her intricate plan began in January, slowly romancing Jake Warner. They secretly dated the past six months, and on July fourth, Abby pledged to give herself to him.

It wasn't about love, it was about trust. They had known each other since kindergarten. Jake was her confidant in the struggle for parental freedom. He offered Abby a gateway to maturity, or so she convinced herself.

She simply felt if she did adult actions, then she would receive adult treatment. But from entering her front door six hours earlier, Abby realized she would always be their baby, and it irked her.

Her virginity was safe unbeknownst to them. Still it left her more than 'uncomfortable' as she pouted in the seat. After a talk with her mother, Abby was allowed to bring a pacifier. She was however faced with one small problem, the batteries were dead.

"Hey dad could we stop off for a pack of batteries?" Abby shamefully asked.

He looked back seeing Abby fidget restlessly in the seat. "What do you need batteries for? All you brought was that mp3 player, and its batteries are rechargeable, and the charger is in the trunk. You didn't sneak that phone did you?"

"No dad….it's personal can we just stop off for some batteries," Abby begged.

"You're not getting me batteries till I know what they're for," he stated.

Abby's mother tapped him on the shoulder giving him the look. "Richard, get her the batteries, or you're not getting what she's not getting all summer."

"Mom!" Abby shrieked

"Oh hush dear it's not like I don't have one, I understand you have needs," her mother assured.

"Oh my god we are so not having this conversation!" Abby gasped seeing the paleness in her father's face.

He looked over at Abby, blushing at her mother's no so subtle hint. "…I'll pick some up after we get settled in the house."

"Thanks dad," Abby shyly answered feeling the spotlight finally leave her.

"Look I'm sorry sweetie I was out of line. But I promise this will be a wonderful summer for all of us okay?" her mother assured.

Abby slipped on her earphones thinking of her wasted summer. "I guess."

The sky grew dim as they drove deeper into the heartland. A crack of thunder rippled Abby's already shaken nerves. She turned up the volume, lost in her favorite band, a break up song, fitting for the moment, yet too distant in what could have been.

She happened to glance out the window at a multicolored floodlight. It stood amidst various half constructed booths. A small stable was in place and a few rides. As they drove past the lot, Abby's lips trembled learning closer to the window.

Abby loved fairs; there was certain mysticism in the air; whether from the fluffing cotton candy, dazzling fireworks or simply the house of mirrors with her friends, Abby loved losing herself in the enchantment.

She saw another stable with two ponies. "Wow," she whispered. Having a pony was a long abandoned fantasy. Maybe it was something all little girls wanted, Abby did until her first bike. But the chance to ride a pony, she fell back in the seat.

No matter how tempting the setting became, Abby wouldn't fold. Her summer was ruined and no fair or pony could fix that. Even if she went, what fun would it be alone? Her friends were hundreds of miles away, hanging out at the mall, simply having fun. But not Abby, groaning in the first drops of rain running down the window.

In the onset of a dismal storm they at long last reached civilization. Abby's mouth fell to the floor at the gorgeous estate. At the end of a blooming field of corn sat a three story cherry red house, surrounded by all sides by rose beds, it had a metal trim across each window, and a satellite dish on the roof!

Next to it was an equally impressive barn with large steel doors. There was a small pen in the front with a pony; it lazily pranced around the livestock as if awaiting Abby. For the first time she smiled, feeling things weren't as bad.

"Oh my god…it's beautiful," she whispered.

Abby turned off her mp3 player and rolled down the window. Even in the light drizzle, she deeply inhaled the freshly cut grass, blooming roses and ripened crops. Beautiful was the only way she could describe the scenery.

"That's nice isn't it honey? Good thing we reached before the rain," announced her father.

"Yeah dad this place is awesome," Abby agreed watching the pony nibble the grass.

"Oh honey, that's the neighbor's house. We're staying here," corrected her mother as the pony steadily faded from view.

Abby shook her head as the luxurious house slipped form her grasp, the satellite dish, a connection to the outside world…gone. "But…if we're not staying there." Abby gasped as they pulled into the neighboring house.

"Oh you've got to be kidding!" Abby shrieked. Their summer estate was a tiny one floor house. It had a small patch of flowers by the steps, and an empty stable near the back. The attached barn was barely big enough to house a motor home.

"Dad this is a joke right; I mean we can't seriously be staying here. It probably doesn't even have indoor plumbing!" Abby cried.

"Abby that's enough. You see, the main reason why we're taking this vacation, it's for you to learn to appreciate the luxuries you take for granted. Do you know how many kids wish they could be in your place?" argued her father.

"But dad, don't you think this is a little extreme just to teach me some lesson. Is this because of my cell phone use? Look I'll cut back, I won't use it on Mondays, anything can we just not stay here?" Abby begged.

"Abby stop, we're staying here and that's final," warned her mother.

"But…this sucks, why do I have to be punished because you two grew up with nothing," Abby groaned.

"Oh that's it young lady you are grounded!" growled her father.

"Grounded! From what, I don't even know anyone here, have no way of communicating with my friends, I haven't even gotten my permit yet. Isn't making me come to this backwoods town punishment enough?" Abby clutched her mp3 player sobbing, knowing this was her situation for the next two and a half months.

"Sweetheart, you have to understand, your father and I lived her up until I became pregnant. We made the conscious decision to raise you in the city.

It wouldn't have been fair for you to never have friends, or devote your life to farming. But honey this is still a part of who you are. We only want you to experience that missing piece of your life.

You'd be surprised how much beauty exists in the country. Tell you what, why don't you go visit the neighbors. We've been good friends for years, big mega farmers now. But they have a daughter your age. I know it's not much but you'll have someone to talk to. Maybe you can be friends," her mother suggested.

"Listen Abby I'm sorry for going off on you like that. It's just I really love the country, but I understand how you feel. This isn't to punish you. You're going to be eighteen next year, and off to college.

We just want to maximize our time with you. And it gets harder to get your attention. If I didn't take the cell phone away, we wouldn't even be having this conversation right now. I'll unpack and go into town to get your batteries, just think about what I said," her father apologetically stated.

The car stopped in the driveway much to everyone's relief. Abby opened her door finally stretching her legs. She stepped out into the drizzle smelling honeydew.

Her mother nudged her shoulder. "Cheer up. There's a fair opening up in a few days. Why don't you go, you can meet some of the local kids."

"Local kids….I think I'll pass," Abby groaned imagining all the hillbilly stereotypes. She walked along the driveway, kicking stones and drawing over her hood.

"I'm going to bring in the rest of the stuff. You can pick from either of the two front rooms. It'll get better honey, promise," her mother urged while brining the bags inside.

"I hate this, I just want to go home," Abby wept.

"Alright that's all of them. Listen, Abby I'm going into town for a while. I'll bring back dinner…and your batteries. Do you want to come along for the ride?" asked her father.

Abby shook her head walking farther down the driveway. The rain picked up as the car started. She did want to go for a ride, only back to her house, her fluffy queen sized bed, TV and phone.

The car backed out of the driveway and out into the open road. Abby grumbled as the rain splashed across her legs. In the sudden rush of hitting the road, she didn't even have time to change. Still in her school uniform, Abby at least wanted a hot bath.

"I hope they at least have a TV, I'll be damned if I miss the new HIM video," Abby grumbled as she made sure not soil her white knee socks.

With the rain gaining strength Abby briskly walked up the driveway. She squinted under splashing drops, eyes to the ground as the wind picked up. Abby shrugged, running across the driveway, forming mud staining her socks.

Another thought came to mind, did they even have a washing machine? Abby looked at the brown splotches on her socks, squinting as her sweater dampened. Stuffing both hands in her pockets there seemed no need to run.

She stood in the rain depressed and alone. Any chance of becoming a woman went straight out the window. The only consolidation was her little friend, as long as her father bought the batteries. In the corner of her eye Abby saw a girl.

In the dense rain it had to be an illusion as she looked into the next yard. Dressed in a pair of denim cutoffs and a bikini top, a girl walked barefoot through the rain. She spread her arms looking up to the heavens, her blonde hair tightly bound in a makeshift braid, large cleavage arching upward as she leaned back.

"What in the hell is she doing?" Abby whispered watching the half naked girl drench herself.

The girl noticed Abby dropping her arms waving merrily. She walked across the yard extending a hand to Abby. Her eyes narrowed in focus of Abby against the rain, green eyes catching the reflection of the porch light, giving her a deer-like panic effect.

"Hiya I'm Summer, I guess ya'll be the new neighbors," Summer greeted in the same twang as her parents.

Abby squinted wondering if Summer was crazy. However she was a little distracted by Summer's choice of clothing, or lack of. Unlike her pre-composed image of country folk, Abby was at a loss in describing Summer.

Here she stood in pouring rain soaked from head to bare toes. Summer had a figure many would call desirable. She wasn't necessarily thin with large breasts; one partially inched out the nearly see thru bikini top.

Summer's nipples were completely visible to Abby's amazement. They were larger than Abby's pushing on the material. Abby quickly moved her eyes to Summer's.

"Cat got your tongue?" Summer laughed, stomaching tightening as she stepped closer.

"I…I'm Abby. We're here for the summer," Abby babbled, in completely bewilderment of why Summer was prancing around in the rain.

She did like Summer's legs, they were long, comely and well toned, possibly from working on the farm everyday. In comparison Abby's legs were sticks, as both parents were skinny.

Even Summer's stomach was aptly toned, bearing the slight definition of her abs in each breath. She took Abby's hand giving it a firm shake. "Well guess I'll the bold one."

"Oh sorry, I'm just having a bad day. It's nice to meet you Summer," Abby apologized.

"It's no big deal; don't see many city girls out here. Nice outfit are ya in one of those preparatory schools?" Summer asked, crossing her arms in a small gust of wind.

Abby's eyes locked on the compressed bust then again to Summer's eyes. "Yeah I go to Catholic school, it sucks."

"Yeah I've heard about those things. They stuff ya in there preaching morals up the ass. As soon as the kids get out, its booze and sex till they piss themselves," Summer laughed.

Abby stepped backward nervously rubbing her arm. "Okay I know this might be a weird question. But why are you dressed like that in the rain?"

Summer shrugged. "I love the rain, sometimes I sleep on the patio if there's a light enough drizzle. Didn't mean to creep ya out or anything, I'm normal honest."

"Fair enough answer I have to go get out of these wet clothes," Abby said while looking over her dirty socks.

"I guess I'll go in too, have to clean ma room." Summer looked at Abby's tiny home, then at her uniform. "Hey wanna to come over? You can toss that stuff in the wash. I have to take a bath anyway; please, I almost never have company?"

Abby thought about the offer letting out a sneeze. "Oh great I'm getting a cold." She crossed her arms similarly to Summer, only lacking the bunching breasts.

"So you wanna come over? I'll fix ya something nice to eat," Summer offered, a little too eager to make Abby's acquaintance.

"Well my mom did say I should make friends. I guess I could stay for a little while. Okay, I'll tell her I'm going," Abby agreed.

"Yeah, I'm gonna hang out with a city girl," Summer screamed happily jumping up and down, splashing mud across Abby's sneakers. She immediately stopped seeing Abby's displeasure.

"I'll wash these too," Abby sighed watching Summer's breasts settle in place. She ran off alerting her mother she was leaving. A few minutes later Abby returned with a new sweater, and a small bag of clothes.

"You didn't have to change on my behalf," Summer assured.

"It's my mom; she heard me sniffling and made me change my sweater. I told her you said I could use your washing machine, so I brought some clean clothes. Would it be okay if I took a shower at your place?" Abby asked.

"Sure I have my own bathroom. I'll give you a robe, and ya can toss all that stuff in the wash. So what do ya want me to make you? Summer reminded as they crossed over into her yard.

"Make me?"

"Yeah weren't ya hungry after that big drive from the city? You're not one of those vegetarians are ya? Summer nervously asked.

"No way I'd die without meat!"

Summer put her arm around Abby as they ran across the yard. "Great then we'll get along mighty fine."

"Hey do you mind if I watch a show later? I really want to see this new music video," Abby asked, pushing her luck.

Summer shrugged wiping her feet on the mat. She put on a pair of slippers taking Abby's hand. They stepped inside the epitome of southern luxury. "The wash is over…what?"

"Oh my freaking god, this place is HUGE!" Abby gasped.

She took a dazed step marveling at the glossy cranberry red walls. The living room was furnished in 18th century décor. Unlike her living room, Summer's house had no television as the centerpiece.

In place of a television was a large fireplace, and the head of a lion was mounted above the mantle. On each side of the fireplace was a stuffed grizzly bear.

As intimidating as the animals were, they told well of Summer's family. Abby carefully walked up to the left bear. She felt the fur between her fingers noting the texture, looking into its mouth, feeling razor sharp teeth.

"Is this real?"

"Sure is, bagged him on a hunting trip with Pa. Took two shots off ma twelve gauge," Summer boasted.

Abby looked back at Summer's accomplished grin, then back at the near eight hundred pound bear. "Wait, YOU killed…this?" She looked at the ferocity in the bear's eyes, talon-like claws standing over seven feet tall.

"We always go huntin' during bear season. Ducks ain't as fun, no real thrill of the chase ya know," Summer admitted.

"How do you guys afford all this stuff anyway?"

"Ma and Pa are big time business folk now. We started off with just this farm, and then Pa made enough to buy the neighbor's land. So we harvested that and tripled our produce.

Some big city fella made Pa an offer to supply him greens, turns out he owns a chain of stores. So Pa's got this big contract and a shit load of money. So he bought out the other farm down the road and hired some hands.

As for here, Ma did some upgrades to the place. She always wanted one of those fancy modernized houses. It's a little rich for my tastes but what the hell right." Summer led Abby down a long hall to the laundry room.

The washer and dryer were state of the art, complete with touch sensitive panels. Summer added the detergent then pulled off her shorts tossing them inside. She then pulled off her panties seeing Abby grow three shades pale. "What?"

"You're…changing here?" Abby stammered.

"Well yeah, I'm already at the wash. Besides I'm about to go wash up. Well what are ya waiting for toss 'em in," Summer urged taking off her top, her breasts hung free as she awaited the blushing Abby.

"….I can't get naked in here. What if someone sees me?" Abby timidly defended.

"Oh ya'll city people are so apprehensive about everything. Here put this on till we get to the bathroom," Summer laughed handing Abby a robe. "There's no cooties its one of mine, gosh you're weird."

"….right," Abby mumbled as she undressed. It made her feel a little better that Summer turned around, giving her a shrivel of privacy. She didn't find the sight of Summer's round ass unfavorable.

"Jus tell me when you're done," Summer said.

"Ok that's it," Abby announced tossing her sneakers in the machine.

Summer promptly turned around bright eyed looking Abby over. "Not too shabby but you don't got any tits." She ran her finger across the panel activating the washer.

"That wasn't nice!" Abby warned.

"Sorry Abby," Summer apologized while donning a robe.

Abby smiled at the sound of her name, it was something about the way the southern accent stretched the enunciation. They walked up the staircase to Summer's room. It completely dwarfed Abby's on all accounts.

"Damn I thought my room was big. And you have a king sized bed!" Abby looked around the room in complete awe. It had everything a girl could want, private bathroom, huge bed, computer and wall mounted TV.

She stepped into the center feeling a brush beneath her feet. Abby gasped realizing it was a real bear skin rug. The walls were painted in hues of pink and lavender, not the most typical of choices but were passable.

"Like ma room?" Summer asked plopping down on the bed.

"Hells yeah," Abby said sinking into the soft bed, spying the phone as she melted into the comfort. She thought against asking for the phone, Summer was already more than hospitable. Abby didn't want to risk losing a potential friend.

"So um you wanna go first?" Summer offered.

"Excuse me?"

"Bath, you wanna go first?" Summer clarified.

"Oh sure, might as well get that out of the way."

"Alright, so what do you want to eat, fridge's packed," Summer informed.

"Burger?" Abby suggested.

"Sure thing got a fresh stack in the freezer. Pa put down one of the cows yesterday. You don't want a plain burger do ya? We have all the fixings. I don't know about you but I'm starving, I reckon I could eat a zebra whole," Summer offered.

"You can make mine a double cheeseburger with lettuce and tomatoes. Trust me I can eat a lot even if doesn't look like it." In the distance Abby heard a squeal and scuffling. She looked back seeing a little pig wearing a pink collar.

"Scruffy, you hungry girl?" Summer asked, running over and picking up the pig. "Say hi to the pretty girl Scruffy, you're the cutest piggy yes you are." Summer kissed Scruffy on the snout holding her tightly.

"You have a pet pig? Abby asked seeing Scruffy settle in Summer's arms.

"Yeah I'd had her for a year now. She was the runt of the litter, Pa was gonna chop her into bacon, but I rescued her, she's so cute, my little midget pig," Summer explained giving Scruffy another kiss.

"You know that's pretty cool. She really likes you."

"Yeah she's house trained. I wasn't gonna have her shittin' all over the place. Wanna hold her, she won't bite," Summer offered raising Scruffy.

Abby looked at the little pig and those large black eyes. "Well okay I guess it won't hurt." She gently took Scruffy into her arms. Scruffy squealed fighting to go back to Summer. "I don't think she likes me."

"Ya gotta let her warm up to ya. Just hold her like a baby, but make sure your robe is tied. She always tries to suck on my titties. I guess it's one of them instinct things, she probably misses her momma," Summer said.

Abby gently held Scruffy in against her chest feeling her settle. Sure enough Scruffy rubbed Abby's robe with her snout, licking at the nylon to no avail. "Your pet's a pervert," Abby laughed.

"It's a shame she ain't human," Summer sighed.

"Um…I guess," Abby said, unsure how to take that.

"Anyway I'll go make the burgers, want fries?"

"Sure, and I'll go have a bath," Abby said handing Scruffy back to summer.

Summer attached Scruffy's leash and left the room.

Abby picked up her small bag of extra clothes and entered the bathroom. She nearly fainted at the Jacuzzi. It was unreal for a family of farmers to live in such luxury. It was almost a slap in the face to her father's family vacation.

But unlike her, Summer was a purebred country girl. From her heavy southern accent, to her mannerisms and unorthodox pet, she was everything Abby wasn't, and that intrigued her.

"She actually has a Jacuzzi, maybe some other time. Don't want to take advantage of her hospitality," Abby thought as she let the tub fill. She took off her robe admiring the bear shaped mirror. "She sure does have a thing for bears."

Abby walked to the large mirror lining her self in the center of the bear, smirking at the thought of being digested. She looked are breasts so small and perky, they paled to Summer's endowment.

It didn't seem fair for a girl like Summer to be so blessed. She was a mere farmer and hunter, with no real conception of feminine beauty. "Ew, how could you walk around barefoot in the rain, what if she steps on a worm or something?"

As much as Abby padded the comfortingly negative thoughts, she was forever captivated by that moment. Summer danced across the yard, arms outstretched absorbing the full brunt of the rain.

She twirled and skipped, chest bouncing too and fro as her feet splashed in the wet grass. Not even the flash of lightening could ruin the enchantment. It wasn't about pride, beauty or even happiness. For Summer it was simply freedom.

Abby found herself smiling once more at Summer's odd ways. Still, looking over her baron frame left much to be desired. Abby considered herself pretty, just not to the extent to fill her emotional void.

She shut off the tub sitting in the moderately hot water. Abby looked down at her distorted boyish figure, remembering Summer's naked form in the washroom. How Abby wished she could have those curves. She dreamt of bountiful breasts making all the boys drool. Alas it wasn't for Abby.

Things no longer seemed as bad. Less than a half hour ago Abby's world was falling apart. She was on the verge of total isolation from society, a punishment for a life her parents endured.

Then like a backwoods angel, Summer appeared, rescuing Abby from a dreary summer. She possessed everything Abby needed to survive the summer. But Abby was fascinated by their cultural differences. She wanted to be Summer's friend, to understand her world, and maybe just maybe find a cute local boy.

She blushed remembering the pony in the front yard. "Maybe Summer will let me ride it." Things were definitely looking up as Abby smiled. She relaxed in the tub letting her mind wander, hearing that sweet accent whisper her name.

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