Falling for Summer Chpt 59

By Knightmare Elite

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"How is it that you always seem to find the one topic no one wants to talk about, and keep pressin' it?" Travis, while following Abby inside Roxanne's, asked.

"But, it was your idea to speak openly as you put it," Abby reminded.

"She's got you there," Sheryl agreed.

Travis crossed his arms in a huff, waywardly glancing at the collage of photos on the wall. "Ma 'sex life' isn't up for discussion, okay?"

"You mean lack thereof," Abby surmised.

"Just because you get off on boys fu-" Travis quieted as the door opened behind, bringing a tear of heat. He stepped aside, smiling politely at a brawny man in a red sleeveless compression shirt and black basketball shorts, a long abandoned quest for parental approval.

Abby too noticed the athletically built man, holding the door for an equally toned brunette, in a yellow sports bra and super tiny shorts. "I want her abs."

"Her shorts are cute," Travis noted.

"I could totally fit those," Abby said.

"Probably wouldn't fit you as nice as Maja. Say, what happened to her anyway?" Travis asked.

"How would I know? She just randomly shows up at the most inconvenient times."

"Table for three, please," Sheryl, proactively greeting the host, requested. She followed the woman to an empty booth, setting Tierany's carrier beneath. "Will you two come on, and stop blockin' the entrance?"

Abby hastily grabbed Travis's hand en route to their table.

"You just have to do that every chance you get," Travis grumbled.

"I'm only trying to help you overcome your primal fear of girls," Abby cheerfully suggested.

"I'm not afraid of girls, I'm just not comfortable around…most," Travis, while picking up a menu, insisted.

"Ya'll seriously sound like a married couple," Sheryl said.

Abby giggled, imagining walking down the aisle with Travis, her dress white, his pink. "Na, I'm not his type. My chest isn't flat enough."

For once, Travis laughed, setting down the menu as a waitress approached. "I'm only laughin' because of how stupid that was."

A chubby brunette stopped at the table, giving a delighted smile as she pulled out a notepad. "Good afternoon. My name is Toni, and I'll be your waitress. What can I do ya for?"

"Um, what?" Abby gasped.

Sheryl leaned over in a whisper. "You're so not from around here. She wants your order."

Abby could almost feel her cheeks burning as she opened the menu. Remembering it was a small 'lunch' before Tiffany's barbeque, Abby went for what she needed most. "Wow, you have a ridiculous amount of shakes. I don't remember this many last time."

"The new owner's restructuring the menu to make it more modern, and have more variety. Right now, only sections are bein' updated. Eventually, we'll have whole new menus with more choices than you can imagine. The shakes are also gettin' their own mini menu," Toni explained.

"Well in that case, I'll try the new hot fudge brownie milkshake," Travis said.

"No way, they added a calorie counter section!" Sheryl eyed the infantile section with unbridled elation. "Can I have the chicken salad on multi grain with a side of cherries? Oh, and a medium green tea."

"I'll have a large banana split milkshake," Abby ordered.

"Our larges are pretty big," Toni warned.

Abby remembered sharing with Summer. "I know. Can you put mine in a to-go cup, so I can take it with me?"

"Sure thing. Will that be all?"

Everyone nodded and Toni was off.

"This place has amazing milkshakes, actually better than Chicken Heaven," Abby said.

"Fuck that self righteous hate clan," Travis spat.

Abby turned to Sheryl for clarification. "Bad experience there?"

Travis was still, too still as he focused on the recently filled salt shaker. His fingers clasped atop the table, thoughts rolling back on a pivotal moment. "All I wanted to do was apply for a job last year. Everythin' went well until the interview. I came in with a nice yellow polo, beige khakis and ma dress shoes."

"Were you wearing makeup?" Abby logically asked.

Travis shook his head. "Despite myself, I was fully willin' to fall in line with a company's dress policy. I needed money."

"Makes sense, go on," Abby said.

"So we're sittin' in the office, talkin' about the company, and I'm gettin' this real good feelin'. Out of nowhere, the interviewer asks me ma views on God and Christianity. I told her the truth, I believe in God, but I don't go to church or anythin'. She seemed okay with that, and then she looked at me real hard, and asked how I felt about homosexuality."

"…Travis," Abby whispered. She squeezed his hand, hearing the tightness in his voice.

"Let him finish," Sheryl softly urged.

"Again, I was honest and admitted I was gay. For a second, I really thought about just sayin' I don't have a problem with homosexuals. But, that wasn't what came out. She looked so fuckin' disappointed in me, and thanked me for comin', wouldn't even shake ma hand afterward." Travis drew a slow breath and released, still staring at the shaker.

"When I came to pick him up, you would've thought someone murdered his cat," Sheryl said.

Travis turned to Sheryl with sensitive eyes and a requited smile. "I felt like some disgustin' parasite, cryin' and hatin' myself all afternoon. You sat with me, just listenin' until I ran out of things to feel sorry about. That's when I realized you're ma best friend."

Sheryl blushed, quickly turning her face toward the window. "Whatever."

"I can't believe that place could be so ignorant," Abby said.

"I brought it up in GSA, and a few members applied for jobs, and were basically told the restaurant has the right to deny them employment because their lifestyle doesn't agree with their core values," Travis said.

"Summer organized a peaceful protest outside, and the local news picked up the story. Unfortunately, it never went any farther than that. Allegedly, the mayor snuffed it out for 'political reasons'. Whatever, the entire GSA boycotts it, and we got a few residents to support us too. The truth got out, that's all that matters," Sheryl, with a nod, said.

"You don't have to worry, you have one more supporter. Bigotry is lame," Abby agreed.

"You do see the irony that, right?" Sheryl asked.

"Just because I go to catholic school doesn't mean I blindly follow every movement. I'm gay, just like the both of you, so this affects me too."

"You're bisexual," Travis, with a roll of his eyes, corrected.

"You don't know that!" Abby insisted.

"Neither do you, Ms. Quick out the gate," Sheryl said.

"Can we not get into the degree of my homosexuality?" Abby softly requested.

"Oh, now look who doesn't want to share," Travis smirked, and gave Abby's hand a gentle touch.

"Even when you're condescending, you're so pretty," Abby complimented.

Toni returned with a small tray, setting it at the edge of the table. "One hot fudge brownie milkshake, one banana split in a to-go cup, and one green tea." She distributed them, stopping at Sheryl. "Your sandwich will be a few more minutes, had to shred some chicken and pop a bottle of the organic mayo."

"Oh, take your time. I'm definitely gonna be checkin' out this calorie counter section once it's finished."

Noticing the unabashed 'concern' on Abby's face, Travis prepared for the worst. "What now?"

Abby blew out a breath and brought her pocketbook onto the table. "Can I be honest with you?"

"Isn't that one of your more outstandin' qualities," Sheryl chimed in.

Against his better judgment, Travis shrugged. "Fine."

"Your makeup. It comes off a bit…aggressive. What you need is something natural, passive even. You're cute enough for naked lipstick." Abby took out her tube and twisted it up. "Trust me; this doesn't go well with just anyone."

Travis looked at the rising rosy pink lip stick, already imagining blotting. He turned to Sheryl for an honest opinion, instead, receiving a similar leering. "So you're agreein' with her?"

"I didn't say anythin'," Sheryl innocently stated.

"You've already gotten your nails done; the right makeup will make you positively beam. No way Brant could ignore such a cutie," Abby gushed.

"Am I wrong to think you wanna get in his pants?" Sheryl asked.

"…no!" Abby stuttered. She took his hand and they headed toward the bathroom.

"Sorry about the wait," Toni, while setting down Sheryl's sandwich, apologized. "Is there anything else I can get you?"

"I'm okay, thanks." Sheryl licked her lips, picking up one half of her sandwich for a hearty bite.
"Excuse me?"

Sheryl groaned and set down her sandwich. She looked over at the toned brunette. "May I help you?"

"I know that you don't know me, but, I'd like to pay for your food." She motioned to the whole table.

"That's mighty generous, so I have to ask why?" Sheryl, finally taking a bite of her sandwich, asked.

"We overheard your friend talking about Chicken Heaven, and it made me feel so disgusted. I know it's not much, but I just want to let him know that not everyone is like that," she said.

Sheryl nodded. "I appreciate the gesture. Just so you know, it's not just Travis. All three of us are of the homosexual nature. Well, I'm still not too sure about Abby, but we don't need to get into that."

"I'm Ashley by the way," Ashley introduced.


As Toni passed, Ashley stepped before her. "Excuse me; I'd like to pick up the check for this table."

Toni looked at Sheryl. "You okay what?"

Sheryl shrugged. "She seems cool enough." As Sheryl sipped her green tea, she couldn't help admire Ashley's abs. "You're really fit, if you don't mind me sayin'."

"Thanks. I'm a personal trainer over at LA Fitness."

"So I'm guessing that guy's your boyfriend. Looks like he could break Travis in half with one hand," Sheryl, with another savory bite, said.

"Eric and I are just co-workers. He's a bit too confident for me. I like the sweet guys that put their ladies first."

"How much do you charge to train?"

"Depending on what you're looking to accomplish, it can range from $10-$40 per session, with a minimum of five required," Ashley explained.

Sheryl set down her sandwich, seriously looking into Ashley's eyes. "Think I could ever look like you?"

"Yes, but it would take a lot of hard work, which is exercise and a clean diet. Honestly, you have a very admirable figure. It's just that you're on the short side. Tell you what, come in during the week and I'll give you an evaluation. You're a beautiful girl; don't make people like me your measuring stick. In most cases, I'm not a realistic end goal. How old are you?"

"Seventeen," Sheryl said.

"All you need is to get toned, and it looks like you're already on a healthy diet."

Sheryl frowned. "Actually, we're going to a barbeque after this."

"Take away the bun and you knock down the carbs, or just try a whole wheat bun if one is available. Eat lots of salad, with as little dressing as you can get away with. Drink lots of water, nothing else. Oh and stay away from anything deep fried. Trust me, if you completely cut out all sugars and processed foods, you can drop three dress sizes in about three weeks."

"Damn, that must be how Summer keeps that figure. Damn near everythin' they eat is organic since they live on a farm," Sheryl sighed.

Ashley dashed off to her table, returning with her pocketbook. She took out a business card and handed it to Sheryl. Come by and we can have a proper discussion, if you're interested. I should get back, Eric is getting antsy."

Sheryl smiled as she slipped the card in her pocketbook. Taking Ashley's advice to heart, Sheryl was going to make every attempt at her girlfriend's barbeque.

"So, what do you think?" Travis shyly asked.

Sheryl slid down the booth, grinning at his makeup. "Wow, natural definitely works for you. I hate to say it, but Abby was right, what you had before was too aggressive. Damn, you really can be cute."

Abby gave Travis a high five and took her seat. "He has amazing skin."

"I take care of myself," Travis said. He took a sip of his milkshake, letting out a relieved breath. "That hit the spot."

"That super fit girl over there wants to pay for our food," Sheryl informed.

Abby looked back at the conversing duo. "Um, why?"

"She overheard Travis talking about his employment issues, and seemed to sympathize with him." Sheryl finished one half of her sandwich, reaching down to jiggle Tierany's carrier.

Travis smiled to the point of blushing. "That's so sweet." He slid out of the booth and stood. "I have to say thank you; it's the least I can do."

"Just be careful, that guy she's with looks like a total douche," Abby warned.

"She gave me some healthy tips for the barbeque. It'll be ma first real challenge." Sheryl held the remaining half of her sandwich and bit into a corner.

"Anything I can do to help?" Abby offered.

"They'll have fresh ground turkey burgers so; I'll make one with some lettuce, tomato and hopefully a whole wheat bun. Thanks for lookin' out though," Sheryl said.

"No problem. If you really want to eat light, you can eat at the kid's table," Abby joked.

Sheryl shrugged. "Portions, not a bad idea!"

"Well, I guess that could work too," Abby said.

Travis returned, all smiles and giggles, "Ashley's so nice, why can't all girls be like her." He leisurely sipped his milkshake, glancing over at their table.

"Is she your girl crush?" Abby delightfully asked.

Travis was slow to acknowledge the remark, consumed with the brownie goodness of his milkshake. His lips depressed the straw, tongue catching the dribble. "I thought we already established ma girl crush?"

"That model? So you actually do have a thing for her?" Sheryl, surprised, asked.

"Yeah, and let's leave it at that," Travis insisted.

"Fair enough," Abby agreed. She looked around at each straw, the tip coated in lipstick. It made her happy, thinking of Summer made her sad.

"What's wrong?" Travis, noticing Abby's frown, asked.

"A lot on my mind, mainly Summer. You know what, stressing does me no good. We're going to a barbeque, time to chill, right?" Abby said.

"Hell yeah, and even better is Summer's pool party. Can't wait for that!" Travis said.

Abby smiled in a curious thought. "So, what do you wear in the pool anyway?"

With a final sip of his milkshake, Travis licked his lips, slowly staring Abby down. "You've never gonna quit until you somehow get me into girl clothes."

Abby threw up her hands. "I never said anything!"

"Your face did all the talking," Sheryl added.

"Whatever. Is everyone ready to go? I'm so missing my girlfriend," Abby groaned.

"I think everyone misses Summer," Travis agreed.

"Why are you facing that fourth wall…and who are you talking to?" Sheryl asked.

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