A Perfect Mistake

Soaked in joy, filled with fears,

Showered in love, drenched with tears.

Made in heaven, destroyed in hell,

Stood with such pride, later on fell.

Once a good person, now a poor soul,

Created as one, now a big hole.

Handled with care, tortured with needles,

Blown up with air, thrown out with beetles.

Caressed with warmth, beaten with sticks,

Drank in a goblet, ate upon bricks.

Lived in a castle, begged on the streets,

Victories were plenty, with many defeats.

Drowned with compassion, burned with deep hate,

A golden future, yet none in her fate.

A/N: Hmm haha, I actually wrote this a few months ago. I just thought it was too crappy to put up. But I've decided...to put it up anyways. :D I hope you like it more than I did! Reviews are appreciated. :3