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Chapter 26: Family Matters


All eyes turned to Avalon, who was still in her pajamas and curled up on her chair, her make-up from the night before still smeared on her face.

"What does this have to do with Kay?" Isolde asked after a moment.

"Wait, is it even true?" Arthur asked.

"Yeah, it is," Kay said, his eyes glued on the floor. He looked up at the eyes now all on him. "And, this has to do with me because I knew and rescued her."

"And you didn't tell us!" Mr. Evans yelled in a booming voice.

"I was fourteen," Kay retorted. "I freaked. What was I supposed to tell you? 'Hey, Dad, happy anniversary, your second child raped your baby'? I was trying to protect the family."

"And what about Avalon?" Gwen yelled.

"I'm alive, aren't I?" Avalon asked.

"That's not enough," Gwen shrieked.

"Gwen, calm down," her boyfriend said laying a hand on her large belly. He turned to Avalon and continued for Gwen. "You need more than just to be alive, Ava. You need to be mentally sound."

"I am," Avalon snapped.

"I've taken care of that," Kay said. "I've set up a meeting for her with the school psychologist, and he'll decide if she needs therapy or not."

"You waited ten years before you did anything?" Arthur asked.

"How irresponsible can you get, Kay?" Gwen yelled again.

"Well, I certainly couldn't do something as a fourteen-year-old," Kay defended.

"If you wanted to protect the family, you should have come to me," Arthur said. "Let someone who wasn't an irresponsible preteen decide what was best. Kay, the worst thing you could have done was to not tell anyone. At least I would have been able to get Avalon therapy after that."

"Look, I'm perfectly fine," Avalon said.

"No, you're not," Gawain said. "Avalon, Stephanie told me what went down last night before I got there. He threatened you and you were just going to let it happen. You should have gone to someone as soon as he threatened you the first time, not just pretend it didn't happen. You and your friends almost all got hurt bad because you didn't do anything."

"Erec was there?" Kay asked his brows furrowing.

"Former Prom King to hand out the new crowns," Gawain quickly explained. "Avalon, you do need help."

"You heard Kay," Avalon said. "He said that he set up a meeting for me with the school psychologist to determine if I do need therapy. He'll say I'm fine."

"I don't care what a school worker says," Mrs. Evans said. "I'm getting a referral from the doctor for a psychologist immediately. This must be haunting you, Ava, Baby."

"I can face my fears," Avalon said. "I'll be fine."

"I agree with Gawain," Enide said. She had been suspiciously quiet. "I disown Erec as a brother."

"We should make it a club," Avalon said.

"Not funny, Ava," Isolde scolded.

"I'm calling the police," Arthur said walking to the phone.

"It was over ten-years-ago," his wife said. "What kind of case is that? There is no evidence. And it's the word of Avalon and Kay against Erec."

"He tried to kill Stephanie and Lindsey last night," Gawain said.

"And there are three other people who knew what happened," Kay said. "After hitting Erec with a baseball bat to get him off Ava, I took her to Sarah Dressen's. She and her parents know what happened. Mr. Dressen went with me the next day to get clothes and stuff for the weekend."

Kay opened the door and walked into the house, Sarah's father right behind him. He felt weird. When the door closed, Erec suddenly appeared at the top of the steps, most of his face a bruise.

"Keep away, Erec," Kay said, unable to look Erec in the eyes.

"Who's that?" Erec asked, nodding his head toward Mr. Dressen. "And where's Avalon?"

"She's safe from you," Kay snapped.

Erec's nose flared and he charged down the stairs and pushed Kay against the wall. "Look, you little punk, you weren't supposed to see any of that."

"Well I did," Kay said.

"Get off your brother before I call the cops for him, Erec," Mr. Dressen said. Erec looked at Mr. Dressen, judging him, before stepping away from Kay.

"Like you would," Erec said. He turned back to Kay. "Avalon had better be back here before Mom and Dad return."

"Not until you leave," Mr. Dressen said. "So, don't bother sticking around the rest of the weekend."

Erec sneered and walked off. Kay went into the basement and pushed into his room. As he packed a bag, he kept his eyes away from the towel he had used to clean Avalon. He never picked it up. But, when he returned home an hour before his parents Monday evening with Avalon, the towel was gone. He assumed that Erec had taken it to get rid of all evidence that he had hurt Avalon.

"The Dressens took me to a doctor the next morning," Avalon said. "Somewhere in my records, there should be a report about that."

"So we have a case against him," Arthur said.

Mrs. Evans heaved a sob. Kay looked at her sobbing face, and the depressed faces of the whole family. "I wanted to protect you all from this," Kay finally said. "From the terrible feelings of being related to a monster like him."

Mr. Evans nodded. "It's okay, Kay. Tristan, I want you to call the police to make the report. Arthur, Gawain, Kay, Greg, you guys come with me to make a citizens arrest of Erec."

"I've got a pair of handcuffs if you need some," Enide said. The family turned to her, her brothers all crossing their arms and turning into protective older brothers. "Okay, this was a bad time to announce that… I'll go get them for you…"

Enide ran off and came back a minute later with handcuffs and a set of keys. "Don't worry, they're actual police cuffs."

Avalon was sitting in a small waiting room Monday when she should have been in English. After her father and brothers had gone and had to tackle Erec to arrest him for the police, she had shut herself up in her room the rest of the weekend, reading several Jane Austen books to occupy her mind and not think about what had happened to her.

"Avalon?" the psychologist called her into the office after she had been waiting for five minutes. Avalon walked in and sat in a chair across from the lady. She looked at the woman. "Your brother told me what happened to you ten years ago. Would you like to talk about it at all? Or, anything for that matter, Avalon? Anything you'd like to get off your chest? Remember, this session is completely confidential."

Avalon looked at the lady. "I'm fine."

The psychologist sighed. "What about if I say Michelle?" Avalon shook her head. "Moseph?" Another shake of the head. "Erec?"

"Look, he hurt me, I recovered," Avalon yelled.

"He did hurt you, Avalon," the woman said. "I don't think you realize how deep the mental cuts are. You were only eight."

"And I've suffered a lot," Avalon said. "But I'm tough and I got through it."

With that, Avalon stood up and stormed out of the office. As she was walking through the halls, she almost missed Moseph until he called to her. She turned and looked at him. He was making a transition back to his old self. He wore a pair of nice fitting pants, with his Converse, and a black t-shirt over a red polo shirt. His hair was straightened as best he could, but as Enide and Morgan had cut a good portion off a few weeks earlier, it was difficult for him.

"I called you this weekend a few times," Moseph said. "You never picked up."

"I wasn't answering for anyone," Avalon said turning away from him.

"I heard that Erec was arrested," Moseph said. "Actually, the police asked me for a statement about what happened at the hotel."

"Yeah, me too."

"Look, I came up with something you can do for me, since you lost to me Friday night," Moseph said. "I've quit playing the Game. I want you to too."

Avalon looked up at him. Everything that had happened to them over the last couple of months had happened because of the Game. Now he was leaving it behind. She nodded. "I think I can manage that," she said. "On one condition."

"What's that?"

Avalon leaned in and kissed him deeply. He responded with the same fiery passion that she applied. When she pulled away, she looked him in the eyes. "Just, I want you to love me."

"I'd love you even if you didn't quit," Moseph said.

Avalon nodded. "I know." She kissed him again. "Let's get out of here."


"Yeah. We can go to your house. It'll be empty, right?"

"I have several AP tests coming up this week. I need to study."

"So?" Avalon traced a finger down his chest. "You also need to relax."


Avalon sighed deeply. "Mo, I don't know how to make this more clear."

"I understand what you're getting at," Moseph said taking her hands in his. "You're suggesting we skip last period to have sex." Avalon nodded and bit the corner of her lip seductively. "It's not that I don't want to do that, but last time we had sex, the next thing I knew, you hated me. The time before that, we stopped being friends."

"Are you sure?" Avalon asked.

Moseph nodded. He pulled Avalon into his chest and kissed her. "What are you doing tomorrow night?"

Avalon shrugged. "I don't know yet."

He smiled. "Good, because I already told my mom that you were coming over for dinner. And invite your parents." Moseph let her go and began down the way he had been headed before stopping and turning back to her. "That's your parents, not siblings."

"I understand."

Avalon waited until Moseph had turned the corner before she finished her trip to English. She walked in and the class began to applaud. Avalon smiled slightly and blushed as she took a seat next to Stephanie in the back. They were watching another group give a presentation on stories of dragons, comparing the dragon of Western culture to Eastern culture. Suddenly, just as the group was about to finish, a phone ring interrupted everyone. Kay's eyes widened as he realized it was his phone. The class began snickering as he pulled out his phone and looked to see who was calling.

"I, uh, kind of have to take this," Kay said, and the class laughed as Erec walked into the hall.

"Wow," Rebecca laughed as the hall door closed. "What was that about?"

"Probably Erec," Avalon said with a shudder. However, in Avalon's purse, her phone began to buzz. Avalon looked at the screen to see it was Enide calling.

"Yes?" Avalon answered.

"Gwen's in labor!" Enide's shout was loud enough for the whole class to hear. "Now, get outside because I'm coming to pick you up, you know, assuming Kay isn't about to leave a class of 25 unattended for more than a minute."

Avalon hung up and packed all her belongings. "I have to go, Kay'll understand."

Avalon ran past Kay on his phone and was out the school door just as Enide pulled up in the car that the three girls shared. Isolde was in the passenger seat so Avalon jumped in back and buckled up.

A few hours later, the whole Evans family, aside from Erec who was no longer considered family and Morgan who couldn't make another trip back home so soon were pacing around the waiting room. Even Lance had come from his work at the research lab to celebrate with the family.

A nurse walked into the waiting room. "Evans family?" she questioned. They all stood, eager for news. "Congratulations. It's a perfectly healthy baby boy. You may go visit her."

Mr. and Mrs. Evans walked in first and Mrs. Evans was immediately at Greg's side, demanding to hold the baby.

"How's my little Perceval?" Mr. Evans asked looking at his third grandson standing next to his wife. He then turned to his other children as they filed in. "If I have any more grandkids in the next four years, they had better come from Gwen or Arthur, understand… Enide?"

Enide blushed, but brushed it off as she took the baby from her mother's arms.

"Please don't pass my son around like a hot potato," Gwen said from her bed.

"And watch his head," Greg said making sure his sleeping son's head was supported.

"Can I hold the baby?" Elizabeth asked looking up at Enide.

"Maybe the next baby," Mrs. Evans said as Isolde took the baby.

Kay smiled looking at the scene of his family. Greg following the baby as it was passed from person to person. Mr. and Mrs. Evans making sure Gwen was okay. William and Elizabeth were sitting on the foot of Gwen's bed. Tristan, Gawain, and Lance all question Arthur's kids as to who was the best uncle. Kay laughed loudly when Elizabeth pointed at him, disappointing all three brothers.

"Where's Avalon?" Gwen finally questioned.

Kay looked around, and finally spotted her in the waiting room, looking out the window. He walked up to her. "What's up, Ava?"

"It's nothing, Kay," Avalon said. "Just that, well, I am the source of all the pain in the family right now."

Kay lifted an eyebrow. "No, you're not," Kay said. "Erec is, Avalon. You did nothing wrong."

"If it weren't for me—"

"Enide was be the closest in age to Will, Lizzie, and now Percy in our family," Kay said. "That's the last thing we need, Enide babysitting with one of her many whatever she calls them over." Avalon smiled a little. "And, Mo would still want Michelle because he wouldn't have found out how much he loves you."

Avalon nodded slowly. She then turned her aqua eyes to look at her brother.
"Do you think I need therapy, Kay?"

Kay frowned. "Truthfully, yes, Ava, I do. But not because you're weak, but because you've had to deal with so much. So, do Mom a favor and don't walk on the on the psychologist she sends you to like you did to the school one."

Avalon nodded. "I guess I could." She stood up. "Now, if you will excuse me, I'd like to hold my nephew, Percy before I graduate."

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