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Mission 1 – Recon

"Take your unit to the bridge and make sure we have any warning if the Soviets try to cross, is that clear?" the radio cut out, she wasn't expecting that the general wanted a reply. She sighed and walked out of the barracks.

"Listen up boys, we have orders from command, we're to secure the bridge at point Alpha and give any advanced warning if the soviets try to cross, and if possible stop them ourselves.

She looked around at the men before her; some of them were only seconds from the barracks… there were 10 in all, including her. Two medics, three rocket guys, four with assault rifles and her… lets just say she was different to the rest of them.

"Yes sir!" the all piped at the same time. She sighed again. So male dominated. She looked around herself at the base. Why do they insist on paining everything blue? There was the barracks just behind her, next two that on the left was the Construction Yard, far to the left were the power plants, and in front of those was the War Factory.

On the right of the barracks was the air field, there were 10 Migs in all there and 3 longbow helicopters. At the front of the base was the huge Ore Refinery with the rumbling ore trucks driving back and forth.

There was a large barbwire fence and behind that a concrete wall that surrounded the base, and at intervals there were pill box's that had been camouflaged, the pill box's could each easily hold there own against an entire battalion of troops, but ran into trouble against armored units.

Behind each of the camo pill boxes there was an anti vehicle turret that could put large holes in most armored things.

At the center of the fortifications was a large steel gate; around the gate was a heavy concentration of non-camo Pill boxes, turrets and medium assault tanks.

Dotted around the base itself were more non-camo pill box's and a Varity of different vehicles: Tanks, light and medium, APC's, Mine layers, mobile artillery, range rovers with mounted 50.cal machine guns and even a few mobile gap generators.

At strategic points in and around the base were also huge AA guns pointed in the direction of the soviet base, they were also hidden on the hill side protecting the radar dome there. And next to the construction yard was a giant structure, the Chronosphere. It was still in the testing phase but was rumored it could actually teleport people when it was finished. Even if it did work I'd still rather use my own two legs…

She looked around the rest of the base, passing over the two missile silos she stopped and looked at the Gap generator.

Apparently it blocked the base out on radar, so even if there radar dome was next to the generator it wouldn't be able to pick anything up except flat land. It would be nice if it broke down, then maybe id get a little action…

"Stand to attention!" she shouted at the soldiers who instantly shouted 'yes sir!' and jumped to there feet. Men…

"We are going to be dropped in by a Chinook helicopter, we should have some air support from the Migs, but don't count on it, they have other targets. When we're dropped in I want you to fan out. Medics you take the back of the bridge, closest to home. I want you three guys with the rockets in front of them and you lot with the guns, your up front.

I'm going to do a bit of scouting out from the bridge, so I'm not going to be there to wipe your asses. Try not to die on me." She finished and waited for the inevitable.

"Yes sir!" there going to have to be told…

"And stop calling me Sir, just because you prefer the company of men it doesn't mean you need to think of me as a guy. And don't get any ideas either, I could break any of you in an instant" she stamped her boot on the floor and cracked a branch "got it?"

"Yes s…Miss?" men…

"Just call me Tanya" Tanya was fairly tall for a woman, about 5 foot 10. Although she didn't seem it, she was very strong for her size. She had bright green eyes and the kind of skin that tans easily. She wore her long black hair normally and didn't abide by the rule that women had to tie there hair, she wore a purple tank top and leather sweat bands.

Her trousers were usually some sort of camo pattern and today she was wearing the urban style (Squares and rectangles of grays, dark blues and blacks).

She also wore two holsters that had ammo pouches along the straps. Each holster held a .357 Sig Saucer. Each capable of short and medium range accurate firing and a full auto setting, each magazine held 20 bullets and were easily ejected and reloaded form the magazines on the ammo pouches.

She also had a military issue backpack full of Semtex and C4 for those 'when a gun isn't enough' situations.

"Just follow me to the damn air field…" she walked off away from the troops and started to check the guns over. Emptying the magazines then manually refilling them. She walked up to the huge double rotor Chinook transport helicopter and turned to wait for her babbling 'unit'.

10 minuets later they were flying low over the countryside in the huge helicopter, trying to stay under the soviet radar.

"ETA is 2 minuets, unbuckle and get ready to go" the soldiers un-bucked from the straps and stepped towards the back of the helicopter ready to get out. At that moment the helicopter suddenly banked hard to the left and there was an explosion that tore through the helicopter.

"Enemy SAM sites! There set up all over the bridge! I'm getting us out of here before…" he never finished what he was gong to say because at that moment there was another explosion and helicopter was ripped in two. Tanya saw the three guys with the rockets and one of the medics go down with one half while she and the others fell in the other. The last thing she remembered seeing was the look of terror on the guys' faces.

There was a roaring sound all around her, Tanya couldn't figure out what it was or where it was coming from. She opened her eyes and saw the burning remains of the Chinook, or at least half of it. She couldn't see the other half.

She tried to stand and suddenly wished she hadn't when a nausea overtook her and her vision blurred. She rested on the floor for another moment and tried to drag herself up again.

The area looked like a something from a horror film. The trees were all ablaze, there was flaming wreckage all around and bits of body scattered around. At an impulse she quickly looked down and checked herself. Shit…the radio's dead… at least I'm still alive I suppose. She stood up and started the task of looking for anybody still alive. She found nobody, every one who was in her half that went down was dead… great, just great… now what the hell am I suppose to do? She checked her guns over. There looking ok at least.

There was a bark in the distance, followed by another bark closer to where she was. I can't stay here… those bloody dogs are gunna bring down that entire soviet base around my ears. She stood up, loaded her guns and ran into the forest. Just before she entered she saw a peace of wreckage that was about 2 feet long with one edge sharp from where it had been ripped from the helicopter. Perfect. She picked it up and ran towards the forest again. Wondering if she could get away from the dogs…