A Quest of the Dune Sea

Across a dune sea,

A quest at its best.

See the sand, see its depth.

Forgotten runes lost.

In a shadow of a great storm,

A quest pillaged and bent.

Now damaged and twisted faces long past.

Years long and never ending.

Vanish the armor and courage.

Plead and cry,

Through rage and fear.

Grasp a moment of sanity,

Given to you by the heavens.

In a quest of their own to protect you.

Take up the quest,

Take up the armor and bravery.

Dance across the sand in flight.

To seek the forgotten runes lost.

Float away to a new beginning,

Discover what has been lost,

In a brave attempt to also find yourself,

Across a dune sea.

A-ha! Find the past,

And it whispers,

Words of a time of peace and solitude.


Remember everything as the evil and joy surround you.

Beg and weep,

As the past floods you.

Across a dune sea.

There was no fighting,

Unlike your own internal battles.

There was only…

A dune sea of hope.

An ocean of eternity.

A moon of love night.

A sun of an everchanging world.

Across a dune sea.

Come back to you.

After a glimpse of the past.

Trek the dune sea,

Find anew an armor of courage.

Not afraid of what the future holds.

No longer fearful of what the past holds.

Recollect and smile,

While your quest again starts,

Across a dune sea.