Despair is Contagious

Though Devils dream like death is love

They have no faith in "up above"

And now I see, with eyes wide open

How it was this world was broken

How the blood soaked all the lands

It was by our own damned hands!

And now (Forgive me if I'm dead)

Let's see what's left inside this head

Long ago this love was lost

Long before he paid the cost

And all the while I wish I'd die

While all of them still wish I'd cry

Hoping, as if we were not here

Or if we never held such fear

Bleeding, as when all is gone

Wishing that we were not wrong

As all the while they fight for life

As if forgetting about the strife

But I know all about the fright

All that's left when there's no light

When darkness seeps into our skin

Taking over from within

When Gods give up and leave us here

And Devils fix us with a leer

I'll be dying, just to live

Whispering now, "I won't forgive"