A/N This is my first posting on fictionpress, so please be honest. I don't think of poetry as my strong suit, but my friends encouraged me to post this. I had trouble with this because a tune kept interfering and I didn't want it to be musical, but too late now.

This was written for two friends who I never actually met but only know over the internet. But it's about people who I met a million times and never really considered friends. Although I'm sure they'll never read this: I'm sorry.

You come to me one day dreaming
I smile and laugh and everything seems right
But underneath it all I know
That something isn't normal.

That awful undercurrent of tension
Is it always there?
Is it something that I should just ignore?
Can we learn to survive with it forever?
Can we live without it?

Is it what holds us together?
Knowing that tomorrow things will change...
If not for the better.

And as time goes on
I remember that tension
Remember how things were going wrong.
And I wonder why, why... why is it gone?

And I smile and tell you to forgive
And forget... forget what happened
But still learn from your mistakes
Is that even possible?

And I see the undercurrent of tension
Grow a little more
And you nod and say that I'm right.
Wise words.

But when I say 'forgive' I turn my back
On someone else whose wrongs are years past.
And when you say 'I will' you smile at your enemy
With the undercurrent of tension in your eyes.

And now the undercurrent of tension is long gone.
And I can't help but miss it.
Years of waiting, knowing it will go wrong.
Means it's alright today.